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Benbros Qualitoys

A101 Army Land Rover & Field Gun

A101 Land Rover & Field Gun was the first numbered model in the Army group of the Qualitoys Series. The Land Rover was a new casting but the Field Gun had been issued previously on its own. The version of the gun used with the Land Rover had small metal wheels and tyres.


Benbros made the body of the Land Rover in one single casting which included the figures of driver and passenger and a rear towhook. The only exception was the heads of the figures which were separately cast and fixed with central pins. The windscreen, front bumper and rear tailgate were additional castings.


The Land Rover was quite basic and although the detail was good there was not much else added, no doors or roof. Underneath 'Benbros Qualitoy' and 'Made in England' were included in the casting. The metal wheels with round-head & crimped axles were fixed directly onto the body and fitted with black chunky tyres. A spare tyre was added to the bonnet.


There were two colours given to the Land Rover and Gun, a bright olive-green or a dark army-type green. Both included the wheels and the driver and passenger of the Land Rover who were also given black caps and on early models pink face trim and green scarves. On the front of the Land Rover a regimental insignia decal was added on later models, usually a red and yellow square. The front bumper was painted white (or sometimes silver) along with the spotlight.


The Field Gun in this set was variation 3 with small metal wheels and black tyres and an open frame, and is shown in the illustration on the box.


Benbros produced a multi-model box for the Army Series with pictures of most of the models on all four sides with their numbers and titles. On one of the red end-flaps a blank panel was left for the model details to be added when packed.


For some reason A101 Land Rover & Field Gun set is quite scarce, maybe because it was one of the more expensive toys in the Army series. At auction it often carries a premium value for collectors.

Benbros Qualitoys Land Rover & Field Gun
Benbros Qualitoys Land Rover & Field Gun

Variation 2: dark-green, red/yellow decal

Benbros Qualitoys A101 Land Rover & Field Gun



1)  OLIVE-GREEN Land Rover & Gun  white bumper   no decal                     pmw    shared box


2)  DARK-GREEN Land Rover & Gun   white bumper   RED/YELLOW decal  pmw   shared box

Benbros Qualitoys Land Rover & Field Gun
Benbros Qualitoys Land Rover & Field Gun

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