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Benbros Qualitoys

A105 Armoured Car & Field Gun

For the next model in the Army Series, Benbros created an Armoured Car and added the existing Field Gun to it. Oddly the Armoured Car was never issued on its own.


Three separate castings made up the Car; the main body, the gun turret, and a base. The design appears to have been taken from an old-style vehicle and is fairly simple in conception. On the flat base, 'Benbros Qualitoy' and 'Made in England' were cast and at the rear a large hook was included. There was no number on the model.


The wheels used the '6-bolt" metal design similar to those used on a number of other Qualitoy models and were fitted with heavy-duty black treaded tyres. Within the base the nail-head & crimped axles were secured in channels.


There were three gun variations used in this set, the first with black carriage wheels, the second with small painted cast wheels, and the third with small black plastic wheels. Both the smaller wheels were fitted with rubber tyres. There was also a re-casting of the gun in later models giving the frame a more open structure.  More details of the guns can be found on the Field Gun page.


The Armoured Car set was issued in two colours with both car and gun matching, either glossy olive-green or dark army-green. All models were painted without trim but army-green variations had a red & yellow regimental decal on the front of the Car.


As with the other Army Series models, No.A105 Armoured Car & Field Gun shared a multi-model box with illustrations on all sides and the Benbros Qualitoy emblem on the red end-flaps. To distinguish what model was inside the number or name was normally stamped, or sometimes written, on a panel at one end.


Because it was only issued in this set, the Armoured Car model is quite scarce but the guns are easier to find.

Benbros Qualitoys Armoured Car & Gun

Variation 1: Olive green, gun with black carriage wheels

Benbros Qualitoys A105 Armoured Car & Field Gun



1)  OLIVE-GREEN Car (pmw) & Gun, BLACK carriage pmw on Gun


2)  DARK-GREEN Car (pmw) & Gun, red/yellow decal, BLACK carriage pmw on Gun


3)  DARK-GREEN Car (pmw) & Gun, red/yellow decal, small GREEN pmw with tyres on Gun


4)  OLIVE-GREEN Car (pmw) & GUN, small BLACK plastic wheels with tyres on Gun

Benbros Qualitoys Armoured Car and Gun

Variation 3: Dark army-green with decal, gun with cast pmw & black tyres

Benbros Qualitoys Armoured Car & Gun

Variation 4: Olive-green, gun with small black plastic wheels, black tyres

Benbros Qualitoys Armoured Cars

Armoured Car colours: olive-green and dark-green

Benbros Qualitoy A105 Armoured Car & Field Gun
Benbros Qualitoy Armoured Car & Field Gun

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