Benbros Qualitoys

221 Articulated Low Loader

In the Qualitoys range Benbros produced several articulated models based on old Timpo dies. They were simple, chunky toys and all used a common cab with each model having a different type of trailer. 


The casting of the cab was a single hollow type without a base and included supports for the axles and a bullet-shaped coupling knob at the rear. There was no identification or maker's name or model number.


Using the simple Timpo design, the trailer had a low flat-bed and a hole at the front for the coupling. At the rear the axle was held in place by a metal clamp. It is possible that a log was included held on  On the underside Benbros blocked out the Timpo name with a panel on which 'Made in England' was added but no maker's name or number. Early trailers had a smooth load-bed but Benbros changed this later to a ribbed style.

A log was included in the illustration on the box so probably Benbros included one although the trailer had no supports for a load. However, surviving models which include logs are now almost unknown so Benbros may have discontinued including them at some point.


Benbros used three types of wheels for the Low Loader, all of them metal. The first wheels were a thin all-metal design without adornment apart from treaded 'tyres'. These were probably only used on one issue and were soon replaced by chunky all-metal wheels with 8-bolt decoration and smooth 'tyres'. The last type of wheels were 6-bolt metal hubs painted on the outside in various colours and fitted with black rubber tyres. Cab and trailer wheels were matching.


There were several colour variations of the Low Loader as listed below. The first issue with plain all-metal wheels had a green cab and yelow trailer but after this Benbros added new colours. Cabs could be red, green or orange, with or without silver trim, and trailers dark-green, pale-green, red or metallic-green. All-metal wheels were black but the third type with rubber tyres had red, green or blue hubs.


Benbros frequently used multi-model boxes and the Low Loader shared two versions of joint boxes, the main one having a detailed picture of the model on one face carrying a large log. On this box there was no number but the second box, a yellow one with model illustrations carried the number 221 which is the only reference there is. Interestingly the name which Benbros used for the model was 'Articulator Low Loader'. On both types of boxes a panel on one of the end-flaps carried a stamped or written indicaton of the model inside.


As with the other Qualitoy articulated models, the Low Loader is not easy to find.

Benbros Qualitoys Articulated Low Loader

photos David Elliott

Variation 1: Green cab, yellow smooth trailer, black plain metal wheels

Benbros Qualitoys 221 Articulated Low Loader


Variations & known combinations

A log may have been included with most variations

All had Multi-model boxes with id. panel on one end-flap



1)  GREEN cab        YELLOW smooth trailer                  BLACK plain pmw


2)  RED cab             GREEN smooth trailer                    BLACK 8-bolt pmw

3)  GREEN cab        RED smooth trailer                         BLACK 8-bolt pmw


4)  RED cab             METALLIC GREEN ribbed trailer    BLACK 8-bolt pmw


5)  RED cab             PALE-GREEN ribbed trailer             BLUE 6-bolt pmw


6)  RED cab             GREEN ribbed trailer                       GREEN 6-bolt pmw


7)  ORANGE cab    GREEN ribber trailer                         RED 6-bolt pmw  


8)  ORANGE cab    GREEN ribber trailer                         GREEN 6-bolt pmw


Benbros Qualitoys Articulated Low Loader
Benbros Qualitoys 221 Articluated Low Loader
Benbros Qualitoys 221 Articulated Low Loader

Variation 2: Red cab, dark-green smooth trailer, black 8-bolt all-metal wheels, type 1 box

Variation 3: Green Cab, red smooth trailer, black 8-bolt all-metal wheels

photo Gary Galvin

Variation 4: Red cab, metallic green ribbed trailer, black 8-bolt metal wheels, type 2 box

Benbros Qualitoys Articulated Low Loader

Variation 5: Red cab, pale-green ribbed trailer, blue 6-bolt pmw/rubber tyres

Mixed variations: Orange cab  with red pmw, green ribbed trailer with green pmw, log

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Abbreviations used on Nicholas Martin Diecast


  • umw - unpainted metal wheels

  • pmw - painted metal wheels

  • pw    - plastic wheels

  • gpw  - grey plastic wheels

  • spw  - silver plastic wheels

  • bpw  - black plastic wheels

  • um    - unpainted metal

  • id.     - maker's identification


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Benbros Qualitoys Articulated Low Loader variation 2