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Benbros Qualitoys

Euclid Rear Dump Truck

The Euclid Rear Dump Truck was one of the most detailed models produced by Benbros in the Qualitoys range and its play value was enhanced by having a hand-operated lifting system for the dump.


The cab and chassis of the model were two separate castings which slotted together behind the cab and were held in place by the front axle. Good detail was given of the grille, side doors and access steps. The dump was a solid unit secured at the rear of the chassis by a steel pin with a bent end. 'Benbros Qualitoy Made in England' was cast under the cab.


In the centre of the chassis an unpainted lifting slider was held in place by the rivet which fixed the side handle underneath. Because the dump casting had a curved 'fin' on the underside, it lifted when the slider was pushed towards the rear of the truck. 


The Euclid Dump Truck was painted metallic blue and usually had a pale or mid-yellow dump but a second variation exists with a darker metallic blue cab and an orange dump. On both variations 'Euclid' decals were put on the cab doors, and the Euclid logo on the sides of the dump. The grille, lights and bumper at the front were finished with silver trim. 


The four 'six-bolt' metal wheels were also blue in two non-metallic shades, mid-blue (painted on the outside only) on the models with yellow dump and a bright pale-blue (painted all over) with the orange dump. The large treaded tyres were black rubber.


Unlike many other Qualitoy models, the Euclid Dump Truck had its own unique box with illustrations on all four sides and the Qualitoys emblem on the red end-flaps.


Although not too hard to find, the Euclid Truck is scarce in mint condition and the orange variation is quite rare.

Benbros Qualitoys Euclid Dump Truck
Benbros Qualitoys Euclid Dump Truck

Variation 1: metallic-blue cab, pale yellow dump, pmw, with box

Benbros Qualitoys Euclid Rear Dump Truck



1) METALLIC-BLUE cab & chassis    um handle   YELLOW dump   mid-blue pmw

2)  DARK MET.BLUE cab & chassis   um handle   ORANGE dump   pale-blue pmw

Benbros Qualitoys Euclid Dump Truck - orange variation

Variation 2: dark metallic-blue cab, orange dump, pale-blue pmw

Benbros Qualitoys Euclid Dump Trucks contrasting colours

Contrasting colours: Variation 1 (front), variation 2 (rear)

Benbros Qualitoys Euclid Dump Truck

Model showing sliding lift mechanism and handle

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