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Benbros Zebra Toys
Bronco Hand Gun

Benbros Zebra Toys Bronco Repeater Gun

In the Zebra Toys range Benbros included two toy guns, one of which was the Bronco which was described as having a 100 shot repeater action.


The casting of the gun involved several pieces including the internal mechanism. Above the trigger 'Bronco' was cast. As usual with toy guns it could be opened for access to the cartridge and to enable a roll of 100 caps to be loaded.


The Bronco Gun was painted with a chrome finish and had an orange-red and white plastic stock. 


As with all Zebra Toys, the box carried the black & white stripe colours and the usual trademark logo. A drawing of the gun on a colourful background was printed on both faces. The sides and end-flaps were blue with some description of the model and on the end-flaps the Benbros name.


Being a toy with obvious play value, mint examples of the Bronco Gun are rare, and even playworn models are hard to find.

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