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Budgie Toys No.262

Racing Motorcyclist

Issued 1962    Length 104mm


In 1962 Budgie brought out three motorcycle models the first of which was a solo Racing Motorcyclist. It does not appear to have been modelled on any particular make.


The Motorcycle was cast in one complete unpainted piece which included the handlebars and wheel forks. Because of this, there was no steering. At the bottom there was a hole through the casting into which black plastic supports were attached to make the bike free-standing.  The unpainted metal wheels had a detailed spoke system and were fitted with black plastic tyres.


Over most of the Motorcycle sat a tin-plate faring held in place by a single base rivet. Originally issued in metallic blue, the faring also appeared in several other metallic finishes including red, brown, green and lilac. It was shaped in the front with two slots into which fitted a small clear plastic windscreen. Number labels (black number on white circle) were attached to the faring beneath the screen and were normally the number '1' as shown in the picture on the box but numbers '2' and '5' were also used.


The riders were made of moulded black plastic with holes through the hands for fitting onto the handlebars. They had coloured helmets of silver or white, white gloves and white or pink faces with the goggles outlined. 


The Racing Motorcyclist had a short production run so appeared in just one type of numbered box (A9). They are occaisionally found in white card trade boxes with 'T.T.Racer' stamped on the side.


Not a common model, No.262 Racing Motorcyclist is most frequently found with a red or blue faring. The metallic green, brown and lilac models are rare. Paint quality on the riders' helmets was often poor so mint figures are scarce and frequently have been re-painted.

Budgie No.262 Racing Motorcycle
Budgie No.262 Racing Motorcyclist

Variation 5 : Lilac fairing

Budgie No.262 Racing Motorcyclist



All models had

TINPLATE fairing painted in METALLIC colours

CLEAR screen, NUMBER label at front

Unpainted metal M/cycle, BLACK rubber supports

Unpainted metal wheels (black tyres)

BLACK rider (silver or white helmet, white gloves)

A9 box


Fairing colour variations


2) RED




Budgie No.262 Racing Motorcyclist

Variation 1 : blue fairing

Budgie No.262 Racing Motorcycle

Variation 2 : red fairing

Budgie No.262 Racing Motorcyclist

Variation 3 : brown fairing

Budgie No.262 Racing Motorcycle
Budgie No.262 Racing Motorcycle

Variation 4: green fairing (missing screen & number)

Budgie No.262 Racing Motorcyclist

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