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Morestone Catalogues & Leaflets

When Morris & Stone started selling toys in the late 1940's, much of the promotional activity was done by individual salesmen travelling to toy shops all over Britain. Samples of the models were shown to the retailers and orders obtained and delivered on a personal basis. Leaflets did exist but they were very simple and contained lists of available models without illustrations..


Before long, however, Morris & Stone began to produce a variety of leaflets for inclusion inside the box of every toy. These were single-sheet items promoting both 'Morestone' and 'Modern Products' diecast and other toys. At first they just listed models but then line-drawing illustrations were added usually in a separate column.


Larger and more glossy fold-out leaflets were then developed and these became the start of a simple catalogue. They were designed for Toy Shops and retailers to hand out to enthusiastic toy collectors - or their parents!  Not only did these have good illustrations and fuller descriptions but also included prices (in shillings and pence) for each toy.


The first colour catalogues were produced at the launch of the Esso Petrol Pump Miniatures although these were not in full colour but in red and blue. The models were illustrated with black line-drawings which were the same as those used on the boxes. 


Other items such as Coupons and Tokens and unusual ones like the International Driving Licence were made to be included inside boxes.  


Morris & Stone never produced full colour leaflets for Morestone models. It was not until 1959 when Budgie Toys started that these first appeared.


Finding early Morestone leaflets and catalogues is not easy as they were not made to be kept. The ones listed and pictured are only a few of the many which must have been made and if anyone knows of any others I would be happy to include them on this page.

Morestone (Morris & Stone) Leaflet

Simple leaflets printed on one side only containing lists of available toys sold in the 'Morestone Series' and Modern Products' collections.


From the items listed these leaflets can be dated to around 1955.


Morris & Stone at that time were based at 95 Stoke Newington Church Street in North London.

Morestone (Morris & Stone) Leaflet
Morestone 1955 Leaflet

Early leaflet printed on one side listing models and including line-drawing illustrations.


photo : Ernst Plattner

Morestone (Morris & Stone) Catalogue 1955

Catalogue with b/w photographs (1955)

Morestone Catalogue 1955

This was a fold-out foolscap-size leaflet printed on both sides in a glossy finish


Prices for each model were given in shillings & pence

Morestone Catalogue 1955

The Catalogue covered 'Morestone Series' and 'Modern Products' toys and diecast models


Morestone Catalogue 1955

The rear cover promoted Wild West toys including the Essem Stage Coach and six-horse Covered Wagon

Morestone Catalogue 1955

Promotional Trade Leaflet (1955)

Single sheet covering three 'Modern Products' models, printed with glossy finish on one side only.


Each toy has details of the number of boxed models in each trade carton such as the Railway Locomotive which was sold in cartons of 6 dozen (72 in total).


This copy was probably issued in 1956 because the Fire Engine was marked 'Cancelled' and was withdrawn that year. 

Morestone (Morris & Stone) Trade Leaflet

Display Poster (1956-57)

Morestone (Morris & Stone) Display Poster
Morestone (Morris & Stone) Display Poster

Gloss-finish promotional poster (foolscap-size) printed on both sides with model photographs and prices 

Coupons & Tokens

Morestone Car Transporter Coupon
Morestone Car Transporter Coupon

Car Transporter Coupon (printed both sides) included in boxes of Morestone Series & Modern Products diecast models from 1956 onwards 

Morestone Esso Garage Token

Esso Garage Offer Token


Included in early boxes of Esso Petrol Pump Miniatures (1956-57)

If ten numbers from Esso boxes (on an inside bottom flap) were collected and sent in,  you could obtain a free Garage (large scale)

The offer expired on 31 March 1957

Morestone Esso Petrol Tanker Coupon

Esso Petrol Tanker Coupon


Included in every box of Esso Petrol Pump Miniatures (1957-59)

This was an offer for a large scale Morestone Foden No.1 Petrol Tanker. Ten Coupons enabled the collector to get one at half-price (plus postage)

Esso Petrol Pump Catalogue (1957)

Two-sided colour leaflet showing the first 15 models in the Series

Morestone Esso Petrol Pump Series Catalogue
Morestone Esso Petrol Pump Series Catalogue
Morestone Esso Petrol Pump Series Catalogue

Trucks of The World Driving Licence (1958)

Morestone International Trucks of the World Driving Licence
Morestone International Trucks of the World Driving Licence
Morestone International Trucks of the World Driving Licence

Included in the box of each model in the International Trucks of the World Series

Written in four languages, English, French, German and Italian

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