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Morestone Trucks of the World

International Series


By January 1958 Morestone models were selling in many countries of the world so a plan to develope a new range with an international emphasis seemed a logical step. Drawing on a range of commercial vehicles from different countries, the Trucks of the World Series aimed to issue nine models at first with a new one appearing about every two months. They were to have completely new-style grey boxes with several international flags depicted on the sides and the model name in a panel on the end-flaps. Inside a 'Driving Licence' leaflet was included written in English, Italian, French and German.


The first three models of the series appeared as planned, the Klöchner Truck from Germany, the Scammell Tanker from Britain, and the American International Refrigeration Truck. One more, a French Renault Truck, was in production.


However, there the series ended. Perhaps the sales of these new models was not as good as Morestone had hoped and certainly there were large stocks of the Scammell Tanker left unsold. Yet this was also the time when Sam and Harry Morris, the owners of Morestone, were planning a much wider range of models under a completely new name, Budgie Toys.


So the Trucks of the World Series was abandoned, the Refrigeration Truck was re-issued as Budgie Toys No.202 and the Renault Truck emerged as Budgie No.216.

Klöckner Truck


Issued 1958    Length 81mm


Constructed from several separate castings, the Klöckner was a side-tipping vehicle with one side of the cream-coloured body being top-hinged.

The cab was red with a separate silver grille and the black chassis included the 'Trucks of the World' title underneath.

The unpainted metal wheels had knobbly tyres, double at the rear.

Often subject to metal fatigue affecting the tipping body, the Klöckner is now rather a delicate model and hard to find in good condition.

Scammell Tanker


Issued 1958    Length 114mm


Painted bright orange and cream, this articulated tanker was made for Morestone by Modern Products. The detachable trailer was a tank coupled directly onto the cab with the orange rear wheels being a separate unit.

Beneath the cab, the base included detailed id. whilst the trailer had 'Liquid in Bulk' cast each side and a ladder trimmed in silver.

After 'Trucks of the World' was discontinued, surplus stocks of the Scammell were held in store until being released in the 1980's. This is therefore quite a common model.

International Refrigeration Truck


Issued 1958    Length 153mm


Largest of the Trucks of the World, this articulated model used the American International cab. This was cast in two halves, each a different colour, with a red base underneath.

The silver trailer, which had a flat roof, included an opening tailgate at the back, side decals and a base with 'dolly' wheels'.

The vehicle's unpainted, domed metal wheels were fitted with knobbly tyres.

Re-issued unchanged at first as Budgie No.202, the Refrigeration Truck is hard to find in the original box.

Driving Licence


Every model in the Trucks of the World Series included a Driving Licence written in English, French, German and Italian.


This entitled the owner to drive any truck in the series.


There was also encouragement for the owner to add more trucks to his or her collection!


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