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Budgie Diecast Toys

Budgie Toys large scale and OO/HO models


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202-220    222-240    242-260    262-280    282-300    302-326    410-456

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Budgie used even numbers only

The main sequence runs from 202 to 326 but numbers 250, 284, 286 & 320 were not used

Numbers 410 to 456 were reserved for Horse-drawn items or Motorcycles but most were not used

Budgie 202
Budgie No.202 Refrigeration Truck
Budgie No.204 Volkswagen Pick-Up Truck
Budgie No.206 Leyland Hippo Coal Truck
Budgie No.208 RAF Personnel Carrier
Budgie No.210 US Army Personnel Carrier
Budgie No.212 British Army Personnel Carrier
Budgie No.214 Salvage Crane
Budgie No.216 Renault Truck
Budgie No.218 AA Traffic Control Unit 'Jumbo'
Budgie No.220 Leyland Hippo Cattle Truck
Budgie No.222 Tank Transporter
Budgie 222
Budgie No.214 Railway Engine
Budgie No.226 Foden Dump Truck
Budgie No.228 Coca-Cola Van
Budgie No.230 Timber Transporter
Budgie No.232 Low Loader with Cable Drums
Budgie No.234 Transporter with Tractor
Budgie No.236 Routemaster Bus
Budgie No.238 BR Delivery Van - Hard Top
Budgie No.240 BR Delivery Van - Canvas Hood
Budgie No.242 Euclid Tipper Truck
Budgie 242
Budgie No.244 Breakdown Truck
Budgie No.246 Police Patrol Car
Budgie No.248 (434) Wells Fargo Stage Coach
Budgie No.252 BR Container Transporter
Budgie No.254 Merryweather Fire Engine
Budgie No.256 Esso Refuelling Tanker 'Pluto'
Budgie No.258 Daimler Ambulance
Budgie No.260 Ruston Bucyrus Excavator
Budgie No.262 Racing Motorcyclist
Budgie 262
Budgie No.264 Racing Sidecar Outfit
Budgie No.266 Express Delivery Sidecar Outfit Motorcycle
Budgie No.268 AA Land Rover
Budgie No.270 Esso Tanker
Budgie No.272 Supercar
Budgie No.274 Refuse Truck
Budgie No.276 Bedford LWB Tipper
Budgie No.278 RAC Land Rover
Budgie No.280 Air BP Superfueller
Budgie No.282 Euclid 21 yard Scraper
Budgie 282
Budgie No.288 Bulk Flour Tanker
Budgie No.290 Tonibell Ice Cream Van
Budgie No.292 Bulk Milk Tanker
Budgie No.294 Horsebox
Budgie No.296 Motorway Express Coach
Budgie No.298 Alvis Salamander Fire Tender
Budgie No.300 Lewin Sweepmaster
Budgie No.302 B.O.A.C Cabin Service Lift Truck
Budgie 302
Budgie No.304 Plateglass Transporter
Budgie No.306 Fork-Lift Tractor
Budgie No.308 Pitt Alligator Low Loader
Budgie No.310 Leyland Cement Mixer Truck
Budgie No.312 Super Tip-Master
Budgie No.314 Trackdozer
Budgie No.316 Overhead Maintenance Vehicle
Budgie No.318 Euclid Mammoth Dumper Truck
Budgie No.322 Routeman Pneumajector
Budgie No.324 Duomatic Tipper Truck
Budgie No.326 Highwayman Transporter
Budgie No.410 Wells Fargo Stage Coach (small scale)
Budgie 410
Budgie No.434 Wells Fargo Stage Coach
Budgie No.452 AA Motorcycle Patrol (Series 1)
Budgie No.452 AA Motorcycle Patrol (SEries 2)
Budgie No.454 RAC Motorcycle Patrol (Series 1)
Budgie No.454 RAC Motorcycle Patrol (Series 2)
Budgie 456/PP Mobile Police Patrol
Budgie No.456/DR Despatch Rider
Budgie No.456/GPO Telegraph Boy
Budgie No.456/TT TT Racer

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