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Essem Stage Coach
Series 1

Morestone issued two versions of the Essem Stage Coaches
Series 2 has a separate page - here

Issued 1951      Length 156mm

As televsion shows about the Wild West became popular in the early 1950's, toy makers produced an increasing number of Stage Coach models. It was therefore a concern for Sam Morris, the owner of Morestone, when in 1951, he learnt that the supplier of his 'Kansas to Texas' coaches, Reg Birch of F.W.Birch & Co, had decided to sell up and cease trading.


The details of how Sam Morris overcome this break in supply are not known but it seems possible that he took the chance to buy the un-used stock of unpainted 'Kansas to Texas' models from F.W.Birch, or maybe Reg Birch was contracted to supply them. Whatever the background, faced with the need to paint them, and with the existing 'Kansas to Texas' models still on sale, a new brand, 'Essem,' was created, based most probably on Sam Morris's initials. 

The Series 1 Essem coaches were all-metal and identical in construction to the 'Kansas to Texas' Stage Coach models including the two hollow-cast horses and the driver. 


The difference was in the colour of the Essem models and the trim of the driver. The coaches were painted in an all-over application of a semi-matt finish including the wheels, shaft, and axles. The two horses, which fitted onto lugs at the front of the shaft, were always brown without trim, and the little driver was mid- or dark-brown including his hat with tan trim on his face, scarf and hands.

With a new brand, new style boxes were introduced which still carried the 'Kansas to Texas' wording but with a new line drawing on each face of a speeding coach. Printed with bright yellow panels and red lettering, the new boxes had 'Essem Series' boldly printed on each end-flap and the words 'Complete with Two Horses and Driver' along each side.

The Series 1 Essem models are quite scarce in good condition and can fetch a premium. The yellow boxes are very hard to find.

Essem (Morestone) Stage Coach Series 1
Essem (Morestone) Stage Coach

Variation 1: Cream coach, brown horses, dark-brown driver

Essem Stage Coach

Series 1




All have

Coaches with painted body/shaft/wheels/axles

Two brown horses

Brown driver with tan face, scarf & hands

Yellow 'Essem Series' end-flap box


1)  Cream coach

2)  Red coach    

3)  Tan coach     

Essem (Morestone) Stage Coach Series 1
Essem (Morestone) Stage Coach Series 1

Variation 2: Red coach, mid-brown horses, brown driver

Essem (Morestone) Stage Coach Series 1

Variation 3: Tan coach, brown horses, dark-brown driver

Essem metal coach drivers - different shades of brown

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