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Benbros TV Series & Mighty Midgets

No.10 Bulldozer

Benbros Mighty Midget No.10 Bulldozer

No.10 Bulldozer saw the first appearance of the tractor in the Benbros TV Series. Up to this, Benbros had not utilised the opportunity to use a model in several different combinations. Even the horse-drawn items had different castings for each of the horses. Starting with the Bulldozer, Benbros issued four models using the crawler tractor, No.11 Tractor & Hay Rake, No.17 Tractor & Harrow, and No.19 Tractor & Trailer.


The first version of the Bulldozer had a bright orange tractor with a generous application of silver trim on the front grille, engine and exhaust pipe. Four painted metal rollers on round-head & crimped axles carried the green rubber tracks. There was no identification on the tractor. Overall it measured 48mm.


One interesting feature on early models was the apparent absence of a seat for the tractor driver but in fact the real vehicle on which the model was based only had a small metal seat on a central support so it was not too inaccurate after all. However, Benbros later re-cast the tractor with a full seat and the driver certainly looked more comfortable! At first, this second version was painted orange but the colour was soon changed to yellow.


On each side of the tractor below the engine were two holes into which supports for the blade fitted. On the right side was a large handle so that the blade could be raised and lowered. Under the blade was cast 'Benbros Made in England'. On the orange tractors the blade was yellow but when the tractors became yellow, the blade was changed to red.


The Bulldozer is quite scarce for collectors to find. It is a neat little model but with only three variations it is not the most exciting one in the series.

Benbros TV Series No.10 Bulldozer
Benbros TV Series No.10 Bulldozer

Variation 1 : Orange tractor without seat, yellow blade, TV3 box

Benbros No.10 Bulldozer



(1) ORANGE tractor without seat, YELLOW blade with id., TV3 box


(2) ORANGE tractor with seat, YELLOW blade with id., TV3 box


(3) YELLOW tractor with seat, RED blade with id., MM box

Benbros TV Series No.10 Bulldozer
Benbros TV Series No.10 Bulldozer

Variation 2 : Orange Tractor with seat, yellow blade, TV3 box

Benbros Mighty Midget No.10 Bulldozer

Variation 3 : Yellow tractor, red blade, MM box

Benbros No.10 Bulldozer variations

Orange with yellow blade, Yellow with red blade

Benbros No.10 Bulldozer seat variations
Benbros No.10 Bulldozer variations

Variations with and without driver's seat

Benbros No.10 Bulldozer blade

Underside showing id. on blade

Benbros No.10 Bulldozer box

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