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Benbros Mighty Midgets
No.42 Army Dispatch Motorcycle

Benbros Mighty Midget No.42 Army Despatch Motorcycle

No.42 Army Dispatch Motorcycle was the last military model in the Benbros Mighty Midget series and like No.41 Army Staff Car was a re-issue of an earlier item painted in army colours. In fact there were two former models used, No.3 'AA' Motorcycle and No.29 'RAC' Motorcycle. Both retained the original sidecars complete with logo signs on the front which were merely painted over.


The most common version of No.42 used the 'AA' sidecar and the second type screen from No.3 Motorcycle without logo. The first issue was painted all-over in matt army-green including the rider and the only addition was a dab of pale-tan trim on the rider's face. The sidecar retained the rail bars and the lifting lid although models were often sold with the lid sealed shut by paint. The 'AA' logo was clearly visible on each side of the pointed front and underneath 'Made in England' was included in the casting.


After a while, Benbros switched to a dull gloss-green colour and this was used for both 'AA' and 'RAC' models, the 'RAC' version having a sidecar with rounded front, 'RAC' logo and without rail bars. These gloss-green variations appear to have sometimes been issued without screens.

Finally the Army Dispatch motorcycle was painted bright green in harmony with most of the military Mighty Midgets towards the end of their lives. The rider was similarly painted bright green and gained black gloves and boots for this variation. The 'AA' version of the sidecar was used for this colour.  

The wheels on all the versions were solid unpainted metal with simulated spokes in the casting. The three wheels were the same size and fixed on with flat-head & crimped axles with large heads.


In keeping with the 'AA' version being the most common, the Mighty Midget box shows the same picture as on the No.3 box but without the 'AA' logo on the front of the sidecar.


All variations of No.42 Army Dispatch are scarce and the RAC one is rare.  

Benbros Mighty Midget No.42 Army Despatch Motorcycle
Benbros Mighty Midget No.42 Army Despatch Motorcycle
Benbros No.42 Army Despatch Motorcycle

Variation 1 : matt army-green, 'AA' sidecar

Benbros No.42 Army Dispatch Motorcycle



All models had Mighty Midget boxes


(1) MATT ARMY-GREEN bike & rider,  'AA' sidecar


(2) GLOSS GREEN bike & rider,  'AA' or 'RAC' sidecar

(3) BRIGHT GREEN bike & rider,  'AA' sidecar

Benbros Mighty Midget No.42 Army Despatch Motorcycle
Benbros Mighty Midget No.42 Army Despatch Motorcycle

Variation 2: gloss-green, 'AA' sidecar

Variation 3: Bright green, 'AA' sidecar

Benbros No.42 Army Despatch Motorcycle Mighty Midget box

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