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Benbros Mighty Midgets

No.50 RAC Land Rover

Benbros Mighty Midget No.50 RAC Land Rover is a mystery. Several people talk about it but very few seem to have ever seen one! However, at least one example is known to exist and from this the details of the model are known.


The Royal Automobile Club Land Rover was another version of the earlier Land Rover models No.34 AA Land Rover, No.35 Army Land Rover and No.36 Royal Mail Land Rover. It shared the same castings for body and base and large painted metal wheels but had a new die-insert for the sides to create the 'RAC' logo. The model measured 55mm in length.


The base, which had a hollow centre and included the rear tailgate, slotted into the body at the front and was secured by a rivet at the back using a pillar from the roof. 'Benbros Qualitoy' and 'Made in England' were cast underneath.


The RAC livery colour of blue had already appeared on the RAC Motorcycle (No.29) and Benbros painted the entire Land Rover including the wheels in the same blue with the addition of silver trim on the front grille, bumper and the raised logo on each side of the body.  


The number '50' has been given to this model although there is no Mighty Midget box to confirm that, or at least no box has yet been found.


Because of its extreme rarity, it is virtually certain that the RAC Land Rover never entered full production. Any surviving examples are therefore likely to be factory trials or pre-production models. 


Being wrapped in invisibility makes this the rarest model in the Series and so if anyone finds one it will be worth a lot!

No.50 RAC Land Rover

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