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Budgie Models No.100 Hansom Cab

Issued 1972-1984        Length 118mm


When Len and Jim Burkett, owners of Modern Products, were asked by H Seener Ltd to re-issue the Hansom Cab, they must have been glad that they had not disposed of the old dies. These had originally been made for a model first issued in 1949 and although it had a long run then, there had been no production of it for more than ten years. For details of the original model go to Morestone Hansom Cab


Budgie No.100 Hansom Cab was the same model as before with no changes except to the paint finish. The body of the cab was cast in one piece with the shafts being cast separately and riveted onto the body. 'Made in England' was included inside the cab. On each side there was a lamp fitted, each individually cast and the set was completed with a metal driver. The horse was a hollow casting with twin holes on each side which fitted onto flat pins on the insides of the shafts.


The Morestone Hansom Cab had been painted black with yellow wheels and a white or grey horse. The re-issue versions were distinctive in having a 'gold-plated' or 'chrome-plated' finish on at least part of the model. The early versions seem to have kept the black cab and shafts with a gold or chrome horse and wheels but these were later replaced by an all-gold model. On early versions the side lamps were 'brass-plated' but on the all-gold one they were painted gold to match. The little driver was always painted red with a black hat and had an elastic band to act as reins.


For the Hansom Cab a yellow Budgie end-flap box was created with a large illustration on the picture faces. Below the picture the maker was listed as 'Made in England by Budgie Models for H Seener Ltd.' and on the flaps the number 100 was included.


In 1983 H Seener was angered by the new owners of Modern Products, Starcourt Ltd. planning to sell models without his agreement and he subsequently ended the contract. After that Starcourt reduced production of diecast toys and Budgie No.100 Hansom Cab was discontinued.


As it was manufactured for the tourist souvenier trade, many Budgie Hansom Cabs were sold so it is not a hard model to find for the collector. The early 'chrome-plated' models are perhaps the least common.

Budgie No.100 Hansom Cab (chrome)

Variation 1: black cab, chrome wheels & horse

Budgie No.100 Hansom Cab



1)  BLACK cab & shafts, CHROME wheels, CHROME horse, RED driver, elastic band, H Seener Ltd box


2)  BLACK cab & shafts, GOLD wheels, GOLD horse, RED driver, elastic band, H Seener Ltd box


3)  GOLD cab & shafts, GOLD wheels, GOLD horse, RED driver, elastic band, H Seener Ltd box

Budgie No.100 Hansom Cab
Budgie No.100 Hansom Cab

Variation 2: black cab, gold wheels & horse

Budgie No.100 Hansom Cab

Variation 3: all gold except driver

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