Budgie Models No.238/702

Scammell Scarab Van

Issued 1984-85      Length 150mm


The largest series of models which Starcourt produced from the Modern Products dies and from the stock of castings, decals and boxes which they took over with the Modern Products foundry was a re-working of Budgie No.238 British Railways Delivery Van. This articulated model was based on the Scammell Scarab electric-powered vehicle.


The original Budgie model dated from 1960 and Starcourt made no changes to the casting and kept the old British Railways number on the cab doors. The first new issue was a yellow Rail Freight Delivery Van similar to the last Budgie yellow version but with a yellow cab base (and often a yellow front wheel and tyre), yellow chassis and yellow painted metal wheels. Original 'Rail Freight' and 'Cadbury's Chocolate' (vertical chocolate bar) decals were used and the model was boxed in old stock of No.238 end-flap boxes which incorrectly listed Guiterman as the maker. 


The second Scarab re-issue was given the new number 702. This was a dark-blue (or Navy-blue) version with large 'Royal Navy' and 'RN' decals on the sides. The model was entirely blue including the base under the cab (but not the front wheel on this one). It was boxed in a freshly designed yellow Budgie end-flap numbered box with an illustration of the model and 'Made in England by Starcourt Ltd' underneath it with the London phone number '01-800-1185'.  Like No.701 Aveling-Barford Road Roller, the Royal Navy Scammell was produced for collectors in a numbered Limited Edition of up to 10,000 models and each box carried an individual Budgie sticker with the model's issue number.


The next issue of the Scammell Scarab was a British Railways Delivery Van in maroon and cream. The cab was painted maroon all over including the front wheel and tyre. Original 'British Railways' decals were attached to the trailer sides and the usual 'Cadbury's Chocolate' adverts added in the centre. This model was the first to appear in the Starcourt Budgie Models blue & white window box and carried no printed number although boxes are known with a '702' sticker on one end.


Whether the full 10,000 Royal Navy Limited Issue was completed or not is unknown but there was a second dark-blue variation issued in 1985 which may indicate that some unsold stocks of the Navy Scammell were left. This version was identical in colour but had 'Halls Mentho-Lyptus Tablets' decals on the sides of the trailer and none on the cab.  


Three further variations of the Scarab were issued in 1985, all coloured maroon or dark-red all over and identical to each other except for the side decals. The first had 'Spratts Bonio' (a variety of dog-food), the second 'LMS Liverpool' (a railway network), and the third 'Rea Express' (a parcels delivery business) using old Modern Products decals from Budgie Miniatures No.57 Delivery Van.


The final issue of No.702 was a commemmorative one celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the founding of the Great Western Railway. GWR colours had always been cholcolate & cream so the Scammell was painted in a similar livery with 'GWR 1835-1985' decals on each side of the trailer.


All the later issues appeared in standardised blue & white window boxes with a pale-blue inner packing piece containing wheel slots. The boxes had no model details or numbers on them. 'Budgie Models' was printed beside the front window with the logo, and 'Made in England by Starcourt Ltd' and the phone number were printed on the bottom of the pack.


No.702 Scammell Scarab is not too hard to collect although some variations are less common than others.

Budgie No.238/702 Scammell Scarab Van 'Rail Freight'

Budgie No.238/702 variation 1: all-yellow Rail Freight livery in original '238' box

Budgie No.238/702 Scammell Scarab Van




1)  YELLOW cab & trailer                                                     RAIL FREIGHT decals              yellow Budgie No.238 box


2)  DARK-BLUE cab & trailer                                              ROYAL NAVY decals                  yellow Budgie No.702 box


3)  MAROON cab, MAROON/CREAM trailer                  BRITISH RAILWAYS decals     blue/white window box


4)  DARK-BLUE cab & trailer                                              HALLS decals                             blue/white window box


5)  MAROON cab & trailer                                                    SPRATTS decals                        blue/white window box


6)  MAROON cab & trailer                                                    LMS decals                                 blue/white window box


7)  MAROON cab & trailer                                                    REA EXPRESS decals              blue/white window box


8)  CHOCOLATE cab, CHOCOLATE/CREAM trailer      GWR decals                                 blue/white window box

Budgie No.702 Scammell Scarab Van 'Royal Navy'

Budgie No.702: variation 2 'Royal Navy' Limited Edition

Budgie No.702 Scammell Scarab Van 'LMS'

Budgie No.702: variation 6 LMS livery

Budgie No.702 Scammell Scarab Van 'British Railways'

Budgie No.702: variation 3 British Railways livery

Budgie No.702 Scammell Scarab Van 'REA Express'

Budgie No.702: variation 7 REA Express

Budgie No.702 Scammell Scarab Van 'GWR'

Budgie No.702: variation 8 GWR livery

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Abbreviations used on Nicholas Martin Diecast


  • umw - unpainted metal wheels

  • pmw - painted metal wheels

  • pw    - plastic wheels

  • gpw  - grey plastic wheels

  • spw  - silver plastic wheels

  • bpw  - black plastic wheels

  • um    - unpainted metal

  • id.     - maker's identification


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