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Budgie Toys No.294

Horse Box

Issued 1963-66    Length 109mm


The Horse Box was modelled on a Bedford TK Truck and was the first of two Budgie models to use the same casting.


Painted white or off/white, an unusual colour for Bugie, the cab and chassis was a simple casting into which the rear axle was directly fitted. The lettering read 'No.294 Horse Box A Budgie Model' with 'Made in England' at the rear. 


At the front of the Horse Box there was no silver trim but like all models produced in 1963 the cab had windows of clear plastic. The little cab base underneath supported the front axle and also a single rivet which held all three parts of the model together with the body locking onto a tab at the rear of the chassis. The wheels of the model were large silver plastic with knobbly tyres.


Play interest in the model lay in the tan body. Made to look like a wooden construction, it had two access ramps, a large one on the side and a half-ramp or tailgate at the rear. Both ramps were painted a paler brown from the main body. Inside were two identical dark-brown plastic horses. On the front of the body, a blue 'Epsom Stables' decal was applied.


The Horse Box was issued in the standard 'Budgie Models' box with a descriptive panel on one face (B2) and later, like most other models in production up to 1966, in a blue & white open-sided window pack (C1).  


The Horse Box is not an easy model to find and the white paintwork is often chipped. The plastic horses are also frequently lost or have deteriorated over time. But despite this, mint and boxed models when found do not seem to command a premium price.

Budgie Toys No.294 Horse Box

Budgie No.294 Horse Box


​WHITE cab & chassis

TAN body


Silver plastic wheels (knobbly tyres)   

2 dark-brown plastic horses

B2 box or C1 pack

Budgie Toys No.294 Horse Box
Budgie Toys No.294 Horse Box
Budgie No.294 Horse Box
Budgie No.294 Horse Box

Budgie No.294 in original sealed C1 window pack

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