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Budgie Toys No.310

Leyland Cement Mixer

Issued 1964-66    Length 98mm


With the Cement Mixer, Budgie continued a long link with Leyland Trucks which started with the Hippo models in 1959 (No.206 and No.220). Ready-mixed cement became widely used during the expansion of construction activity in the '60's but whether the 'Invicta Construction Co.', which is the name on the lorry, ever existed is not known.


The Leyland Cement Mixer was a combination of two main parts. The cab and chassis were cast in a single die which included two side arms to support the mixer. 'Leyland' was cast on the front, and the name and number of the model were included underneath. The cab had no silver trim but it did have windows and a small black base for the front axle. 


The grey mixer barrel was attached to a mounting frame which was pivotted on each side so that it would tip towards the rear. The barrel itself was fixed at the centre and could be rotated. When tipped back, there was a plastic chute into which the contents of the barrel could be tipped and unloaded. On the sides of the barrel decals reading 'Invicta Construction Co.' were applied, sometimes one , sometimes two.


There were two kinds of rear chute used on the Cement Mixer and both were grey plastic. The first was quite large with a wide chute and a flat hopper on the top. This was not very easy to use so a second type replaced it which had a deeper hopper but a much smaller chute. This worked ok if the load was dry sand. 


The Cement Mixer, despite being in production for only two years, underwent a change to the casting and to the front base in order to incorporate suspension. The first models had simple axles with silver plastic wheels. The second version had an open 'box' in the chassis and another in the front base into which black plastic inverted 'V' springs were fitted. These models were also given ridged silver plastic wheels with knobbly tyres which were a bit smaller than the earlier ones.


Like most of the later Budgie models, the Leyland Cement Mixer appeared in both yellow Budgie boxes (B4) and blue & white open-sided window packs (C1)


Never a popular model, the Cement Mixer is hard to find and boxed mint models are rare.

Budgie No.310 Leyland Cement Mixer
Budgie No.310 Leyland Cement Mixer
Budgie No.310 Leyland Cement Mixer - type 1 chassis & base

Variation 1: type 1 chassis & base (no suspension), large chute, spw, B4 box

Budgie No.310 Leyland Cement Mixer


1) ORANGE, Type 1 chassis & base (no suspension), SILVER barrel, LARGE rear chute, spw, B4 box

2) ORANGE, Type 2 chassis & base (suspension), SILVER barrel, SMALL rear chute, ridged spw, B4 box or C1 pack

Budgie No.310 Leyland Cement Mixer
Budgie No.310 Leyland Cement Mixer
Budgie No.310 Leyland Cement Mixer - type 2 chassis & base

Variation 2: type 2 chassis & base with suspension, small chute, ridged spw, B4 box

Budgie No.310 Leyland Cement Mixer
Budgie No.310 Leyland Cement Mixer

Variation 2 - barrel raised & lowered

Budgie No.310 Leyland Cement Mixers

Chutes & wheels: variation 1 (left), variation 2 (right)

Budgie No.310 Leyland Cement Mixer

Budgie No.310 in C1 window pack (missing shrink-wrap)

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