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Budgie Models No.707
Routemaster Bus 'DHL Worldwide'

Issued 1984-1985


Apart from the commemorative Limited Editions of the Routemaster bus, Starcourt, owners of Budgie Models, also issued a promotional version in white for DHL Worldwide parcels service. It is possible that other promotional models were planned or even produced by Starcourt before they ceased diecast production in 1985 but only the DHL Routemaster is known to have been issued and is therefore an authentic Budgie model.


The standard casting of No.236 was used for the DHL Routemaster. It was painted white all over except for the metal wheels and there was no silver trim on the grille. As usual clear windows were fitted and black treaded tyres put on the wheels.


For this issue Budgie only added labels to the advert panels on the sides. There were no destination labels and nothing added below the side windows. 


Although given the number 707, there was nothing to indicate this on the box or model. It was packed in a standard yellow Budgie Models window box with a blue inner packing piece. The maker was listed as 'Made in London by Budgie Models' with the phone number '01-800-1185'. There was no mention of Starcourt Ltd on the box.


No.707 Routemaster Bus 'DHL Worldwide' had the sad honour of being the last model produced by Budgie. With the loss of business from H Seener Ltd, Starcourt ended diecast production in 1985 at the old Modern Products foundry where models had been made for nearly 40 years.


A few remaining unfinished castings, mainly of the Volkswagen Pick-Up, were sold off and these re-emerged later having been painted and given tin-plate canopies. They were sold in packs under the name of 'Mericraft' but in 1985 the manufacture of Budgie diecast toys ceased and the Morestone/Budgie story which began in 1946 finally came to an end.

Budgie No.707 Routemaster Bus 'DHL Worldwide'
Budgie No.707 Routemaster Bus 'DHL Worlwide'

Budgie No.707 Routemaster Bus DHL Worldwide

WHITE including base

'DHL Worldwide' advert labels only

Budgie Models window box

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