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Morestone Compressor, Drill & Man

Issued 1950    Length (including towbar) 118mm
During the decades after World War 2 a large amount of infrastructure repairs and road building took place and pneumatic drills were used extensively in this work. They were noisy and noticeable so it was not a surprise that Morestone decided to produce the Compressor model.
The Compressor with Drill & Man comprised six components: the main compressor itself; four painted metal wheels; the detachable tow-bar; a two-piece pneumatic drill; the connecting pipe; and the man operator.
The compressor was made in a single casting with two large hollow rectangles inside to reduce the bulk but it was still quite a substantial item. There was no identification on the model. The metal wheels, which were painted with the compressor, were on crimped axles which ran through fairly solid holders on the body.
At the front a tow-bar fitted into two holes on the wheel supports.  It was painted the same colour as the compressor but being readily detachable, it was easily lost.
There were five colours chosen for the Compressor, orange, green, yellow, blue, and red, and it was painted all over including the underside and the wheels and towbar. 
At the back of the Compressor was a short spike onto which the blue, green or yellow pipe connecting the drill was attached. The drill itself was a fairly detailed unpainted model of a pneumatic drill. A nail was used to form the drill-bit. The man who operated it wore dark-brown trousers and cap, a blue shirt with a red neck-tie, and his arms and face were given creamy-pink trim.
Whether or not the compressor was sold in its own box is unknown. It was primarily sold wholesale to toy shops in trade packs for sale unboxed, which was probably the only way that it was issued.
The Compressor is not hard to find for collectors and the man is even more frequently seen at auction. The drill and pipe are more scarce and the towbar is rare but this is one of the easier Morestone models to acquire although some colours are scarce.

Morestone Compressor, Drill & Man

Variation 1: ORANGE, with green pipe (missing towbar)

Morestone Compressor with Drill & Man

Each model was a single colour including towbar and pmw

The connecting pipe could be blue, green, red, or yellow

All variations had an unpainted drill and painted workman

Colour Variations





5) RED

Morestone Compressor, Drill & Man
Morestone Compressor, Drill & Man

Variation 2: GREEN, with green pipe (missing towbar)

Morestone Compressor, Drill & Man

Variation 3: YELLOW, with blue pipe

Morestone Compressor, Drill & Man

Variation 3: YELLOW, with red pipe

Morestone Compressor, Drill & Man
Morestone Compressor, Drill & Man

Variation 4: BLUE, with yellow pipe

Morestone Compressor, Dtill & Man

Variation 5: RED, with green pipe (missing towbar)

Morestone Compressor pneumatic drill

Morestone Compressor - the pneumatic drill

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