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Articulated Removal Van

The Removal Van or Lorry was probably the last Timpo re-issue which Benbros added to the Qualitoys range. There was no change to the casting except for the addition on a blank panel over the Timpo name cast under the roof.


The cab was a simple one-piece hollow casting to which the axles were directly fitted. At the back was a central bullet-shaped knob for the coupling to the trailer. There was no id. The wheels were painted metal in two different styles, one an all-metal 8-bolt design painted black, and the other 6-bolt hubs painted on this model in blue or green with black tyres.


The solidly cast trailer was hollow without a base and had no rear doors although these were illustratrated on one of the boxes. Inside, at the front was a cylindrical tube which dropped over the coupling knob on the cab. 'Made in England' was cast transversly under the roof (indicating that Benbros used the first version of the Timpo trailer). The single axle ran through holes inside the two mudguards.


Benbros chose red as the primary colour for the cab but green and orange ones were also used for this model. Silver trim was usually added to the grille, headlights and bumper but red cabs can often be found without it.  The trailer colour was primarily green but cream, red and orange examples were also issued.


The first green trailer carried large black & beige 'Lyons Tea' decals on both sides. These were followed by red & beige 'United Dairies' ones similar to those which Timpo had used. Green trailers were also issued without decals. Later a 'Bishop & Sons Depository Ltd' decal was used and these appeared on red or orange trailers.


The Articulated Removal Van had two multi-model boxes, the first being a full picture box (pictured here) covering ex-Timpo items with detailed background illustrations around the different models. The name of the model inside the box was printed on one end-flap.


Later a bright yellow box was issued covering more models including the Sunderland trucks and Royal Mail Land Rover. Although not pictured on the box, it is known that the Removals Van was issued in this second type of box. (A picture of the box can be seen on Qualitoys Petrol Tanker page).


Benbros called the model 'Articulator Removal Van' on the box illustration but the end-flap stamp said 'Articulator Removal Lorry'. It is not a common model and some trailers are prone to metal fatigue (see pic of variation 7 below). The 'Bishop & Sons' variation is very rare.

Benbros Qalitoys Articulated Removal Van 'Lyons Tea'
Benbros Qualitoy Articulated Removal Van 'Lyons Tea'

Variation 1: red cab, green trailer, 'Lyons Tea' decals, 8-bolt black pmw

Benbros Qualitoys Articulated Removal Van


Some known Variations

(others may exist)

All models had a Multi-model box with id. stamp



(1)  RED cab          GREEN trailer       black pmw          'Lyons Tea' decals 

(2)  RED cab          CREAM trailer      pmw                     'Lyons Tea' decals

(3)  RED cab          GREEN trailer      blue pmw/tyres     'Lyons Tea' decals

(4)  GREEN cab     RED trailer           pmw                      'Lyons Tea' decals  


(5)  RED cab          GREEN trailer       blue pmw/ytyres   'United Dairies' decals


(6)  RED cab          CREAM trailer       blue pmw/tyres     'United Dairies' decals

(7)  ORANGE cab  GREEN trailer       green pmw/tyres   No decals

(8)  GREEN cab     RED trailer            pmw                      'Bishop & Sons' decals

(9)  GREEN cab     ORANGE trailer    pmw                      'Bishop & Sons' decals

photos Ian Cousins (ToysNZ)

Variation 5: Red cab, 'United Dairies' green trailer, blue 6-bolt pmw with tyres

Variation 7: Orange cab, green trailer, no decals, green pmw & tyres

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Abbreviations used on Nicholas Martin Diecast


  • umw - unpainted metal wheels

  • pmw - painted metal wheels

  • pw    - plastic wheels

  • gpw  - grey plastic wheels

  • spw  - silver plastic wheels

  • bpw  - black plastic wheels

  • um    - unpainted metal

  • id.     - maker's identification


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