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Benbros Qualitoys

Cinderella Coach


Many makers of diecast toys in the 1950's sometimes replicated or copied the models made by their competitors but the pumpkin Cinderella Coach made by Benbros in the Qualitoys range was unique. It was also a beautiful example of good design and excellent casting which was rightly admired as one of the best diecast toys of its era.


To create the delicate coach from metal, Benbros made several different castings of which the main one was the coach itself. This included the front and rear scrolls with the coachman and rear footmen. It sat poised in the centre of a separately cast X-shaped frame through which at each corner the axles went to hold the delicate four-spoked cast wheels.


On the front axle between the frame were two cylindrical couplings providing the link for the shafts and horses. It was an effective but almost invisible join adding a striking lightness to the model. There were two pairs of horses which all had one front leg raised, two lifting the left one, two the right.


Cinderella's Coach was painted as one would expect in the fairy-tale colours of a pink coach, white horses and shaft, and pale blue wheels. The sides of the pumpkin coach were adorned with picture panels showing the inside with Cinderella in her elegant gown. The figures of the coachman and footman were trimmed with red coats and black hats, and there was a touch of green given to the leaves on top of the pumpkin.


The white, prancing horses had red harnesses and each one carried a red plume on their heads.


For the Cinderella Coach, Benbros created a cream coloured end-flap box with red & grey picture panels on each face depicting the coach and a fairy castle. The sides were left plain but the end-flaps had grey panels which said 'Cinderella Coach Made in England'.  There was no mention of the Benbros name.


Although very rare, the Cinderella Coach is generally in good condition when it comes up at auction and is often still in its box.

Benbros Cinderella Coach
Benbros Cinderella Coach

Benbros Qualitoys Cinderella Coach

PINK coach & frame    

2 Coachmen  

BLUE pmw    

WHITE horses with trim    

picture box

Benbros Cinderella Coach

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