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Benbros Qualitoys

228 AEC Covered Truck

Pictures wanted!

Uncertainty surrounds No.228 Covered Truck because there are very few examples. It used the same AEC model as A106 Army Covered Truck based on the Dropside Wagon and was a good example of how several models can be devised from a few castings. 


The Sunderland models had the cab and chassis as one casting with a small unmarked base rivetted under the cab to help provide strength and to hold the front axle. There was no number or name given except "Benbros Qualitoys Made in England' under the chassis.


The body of the Covered Truck was the casting used on the Dropside Wagon and it fitted onto the chassis with a tab behind the cab and a rivet at the rear. Three metal wire hoops slotted into the inside of the body to hold up the plain canvas cover or tilt. Like the Army version, this was closed at the front and open at the rear so fitted quite firmly in place.  


Benbros issued No.228 in at least one colour which was a red cab and chassis, red painted metal wheels, a mid-blue body and a plain off-white tilt. Silver trim was added to the front grille, headlights and number-plate. There may have been other colours, and variations with plastic wheels but this is a rare model and details are scarce.


Along with the other AEC models, the Covered Truck shared a multi-model yellow box with illustrations on all four sides. See Qualitoys 226 Petrol Tanker for pictures. The Benbros emblem was on both end-flaps and the model inside was identified by having number and/or name stamped or written on a panel at one end. The boxes provide the only evidence of numbers for the AEC models.


Examples of No.228 AEC Covered Truck are almost unknown making it a rarity!

Benbros Qualitoys 228 Covered Truck


Known variations

All variations had a multi-model box


1)  RED cab/chassis, MID-BLUE body, OFF-WHITE plain Tilt, RED pmw


2)  RED cab/chassis, YELLOW body, OFF-WHITE plain tilt, BLUE pmw

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