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Benbros Qualitoys

Quick-Firing Machine Gun

In the Qualitoys range, Benbros included at least two models of hand guns, one being the 'Westerner' Hip Gun and the other this cap-firing Machine Gun. The date when they were issued is, like all Qualitoy items, hard to determine but most likely it was during the early- or mid-1950's. 


The Machine Gun was designed to fire a roll of 'caps' when the handle on the right side was turned. 'Caps' were small pockets of friction material on paper which when struck hard with a model firing pin were made to spark with a sharp bang.  


To load the roll of caps, the Machine Gun could be opened by lowering the barrel which was fixed at the front to the main 'magazine' and internal mechanism castings. The two halves were held together by a simple swivel catch.


The handle operated the roll of caps and the firing pin. Above the handle was the only id. on the model which just said 'Made in England'. On the top was a little 'sight' guide and the whole Gun sat on a separate tripod with a central pivot enabling the Gun to move 360 degrees.


The Machine Gun measured about 17cms (approximately 6.5inches) in length and was painted a glossy olive-green. The tripod was black.


Benbros created a colourful box for the Gun with action pictures on both faces and instruction panels on both sides. The end-flaps carried the 'Benbros Qualitoy' name and ' Made in England'.


Being an action toy which was not as robust as it appears, mint examples of the Machine Gun with original boxes are scarce.

Benbros Machine Gun showing open barrel (model missing handle)

Benbros Qualitoys Machine Gun


  • OLIVE-GREEN gun    Unpainted interior   BLACK tripod   Picture box

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