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Benbros Qualitoys

Express Window Service Motorcycle

The Window Service Motorcycle was the final model which Benbros issued in the Qualitoys range. It made use of the type 2 motorcycle from the AA, RAC and solo models but had a new sidecar along with extra accessories.


Features of the motorcycle included moveable forks, 'TTC 147' on both front and rear number-plates, and 'Made in England' cast underneath. It was painted red for the first issue (as depicted on the box) with silver trim on the headlight, number plates, fuel tank, and some engine parts. The unpainted wheels were spoked and had black treaded rubber tyres.


Later Benbros changed the motorcycle colour to black with reduced silver trim, often just on the headlight, or eventually with no silver trim at all.

The sidecar was a new box-like casting without a lid. 'Window Cleaning Service' was cast on a raised panel at the front but like earlier sidecar models, there was no id. underneath. It was fixed to the motorcycle through the rear axle, and at the front with a pin through the engine of the bike. It was painted all over in a beige or pale creamy-brown colour including the outer mudguard.


Several early Benbros models were issued with extra accessories and it is thought that their last model also came with them, in this case a red plastic ladder and an unpainted metal bucket.


For the window cleaner figure, Benbros used the same casting as the Police Patrol with a peaked cap. It was painted dark-blue with pale-tan face colour but no other trim. Later, this metal figure was replaced by a blue plastic one, also with a peaked cap and with pale-tan paint applied to the face only..


Benbros produced a box for the Window Cleaner with a different illustration on each side in fairly muted colours and showing the first issue red motorcycle.  'Qualitoy Benbros' was printed on the decorated end-flaps and various writing was added to the pictures including 'Scale Model' and 'Express Window Service'.


This final Qualitoys issue with its rather dull box was possibly not popular as it is hard to find, especially as the model does not have the Benbros name on it. The accessories are often lost, and the box is rare.

Benbros Qualitoys Express Window Service Motorcycle

Variation 1: red motorcycle, silver trim, blue metal rider

Benbros Qualitoy Window Service Motorcycle



Both variations were issued in an illustrated end-flap box


1)  RED motorcycle,  BEIGE sidecar,  accessories,  DARK-BLUE metal rider

2)  BLACK motorcycle,  BEIGE sidecar,  accessories,  DARK-BLUE metal or BLUE plastic rider

Benbros Express Window Service Motorcycle
Benbros Express Window Service Motorcycle
Benbros Express Window Service Motorcycle

Variation 2: black motorcycle, blue plastic rider

Variation 2: black motorcycle with headlight trim, accessories & box

Rider figure not Benbros (Britains No.171/F Tractor driver)

Benbros Qualitoys Express Window Service Motorcycle
Benbros Qualitoy Express Window Service box

Variation 2 with box & accessories (rider not Benbros)

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