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Benbros Zebra Toys

(52) RAC Motorcycle Patrol

Variation 1: Sidecar with metal wheel, Qualitoys box

For Zebra Toys, Benbros created new versions of the popular Qualitoys AA (Automobile Association) and RAC (Royal Automobile Club) Motorcycle Patrols. Both used a new motorcycle casting with steering forks which was based on a Triumph bike.


Several features of the motorcycle are interesting. It was painted gloss-black without any silver trim. On each side of the fuel tank 'Triumph' was cast and on the number-plates 'ENT 303' was added front and rear. The detachable metal screen was off-white or cream and it fitted over the headlight. The rider was the usual Zebra Toys plastic figure, in this case bright blue with pink face and black goggles. The moulding of the rider's legs had two 'pegs' on the inside to secure him to the motorcycle.


The all-new streamlined sidecar was blue with blue top bars and an opening lid. 'RAC' logo decals were added to the front and rear. It was secured to the bike by a long rear axle and a front pin, both of them inside blue coupling rods. Interestingly, because the sidecar wheel was small it had a separate axle. Underneath 'RAC Patrol', 'Zebra Toys' and 'Made in England' were cast. There was no number.


The Motorcycle had unpainted spoked wheels with black tyres, and the sidecar a small metal or blue plastic 'six-bolt' wheel, both with a black tyre. The little axle also secured the seperately cast mudguard onto the sidecar.


The RAC Patrol was sold in both a black & white striped Zebra Toys box which included the number '52', and also the more frequently found Qualitoys box from the earlier RAC Patrol. Probably old stock of Qualitoys boxes was used when the Zebra Toys ones ran out, and certainly the Zebra version is a rare box.

As it was issued not long before Benbros ceased trading, the Zebra Toys RAC Motorcycle Patrol had only a short run and is now quite scarce.

Variation 2: Sidecar with blue plastic wheel, Zebra Toys box (model missing screen)

Benbros Zebra Toys RAC Motorcycle Patrol


BLACK m'cycle/spoked umw

WHITE plastic screen

BLUE sidecar & mudguard

RAC decals

BLUE plastic rider

Zebra Toys or Qualitoys box


(1) Sidecar with unpainted METAL wheel

(2) Sidecar with BLUE plastic wheel

Benbros Zebra Toys Motorcycle Patrol

Variation 2: Sidecar with blue pw, Qualitoys box

Benbros Zebra Toys RAC Motorcycle Patrol

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