Budgie Toys No.202

Long Distance Refrigeration Truck

Issued 1959-66    Length 153mm


Based on the US International cab and articulated truck, the first Budgie model was identical to the earlier Morestone Refrigeration Truck sold under the 'Trucks of the World' Series but over a long production life No.202 Refrigeration Truck had many variations.


On the original model, the distictive two-tone cab of red and blue was made from two separate castings rivetted together. Underneath, the front axle was an open style one and the lettering 'International' and ' Trucks of the World' were cast on the base. Silver trim was added to the headlights only. The wheels were domed, unpainted metal with knobbly tyres on flat-head & crimped axles. The connector for the trailer was a little T-shaped lug above the rear axle of the cab which linked into an angled slot in the trailer base.


The first issue trailers had a flat roof, side panels with orange 'Coast to Coast Refrigeration' decals and a separate silver painted rear door hinged from the base at the bottom corners. The silver Type 1 base incorporated the rear axle supports and two imitation bogey wheels near the front. The wording stated 'Long Distance Refrigeration Truck' and 'Made in England'. It fitted into the body by a tab at the front and two clip-fit lugs near the back.


After a short time, the two-tone cab was abandoned in favour of an all-red one although it continued to be constructed in two parts. Silver trim was added to the headlights and also occaisionally to the bumper. For a while the metal wheels remained unpainted but before long these too were painted red. The trailer kept its unpainted wheels but the tyres, which were the same for cab and trailer, could now be knobbly or treaded.


The next change came with smooth push-fit silver plastic wheels with treaded tyres which were being applied to many of Budgie's models. Shortly after this, the body of the trailer was re-cast with a more domed or round roof with a re-cast rear door to fit the new shape. Silver wheels can be found on both old and new trailer types. The trailer base also was improved with the words 'A Budgie Model' and 'No.202' being added but this base (Type 2) was apparently not successful and is quite rare.


The third trailer base casting had a major change from the earlier ones. Previously the rear door was attached to the base but Budgie now abandoned that and designed a door which fitted inside the body with a clip-fit system. They also changed the layout of the base lettering. It was similar to the type 2 variation but the words 'Long Distance Refrigeration Truck Made in England' were inverted and cast on a raised panel.


By 1965 Budgie was under pressure to upgrade its models and so the International cab was fitted with windows (which were pale amber) and a strengthened base with a covered front axle. The trailer was also re-cast in a flat-top style with a re-designed rear door using internal clip-fit hinges and fitted with the type 3 base. The whole rig was given ridged silver plastic wheels with knobbly tyres.


No.202 first appeared in type A1 boxes without numbers but they soon had these added to the picture sides (A2). The illustration showed the original two-tone cab. After 1961, the Guiterman name replaced Morris & Stone as manufacturer (A8) and a final issue added 'Budgie Models Ltd.' (A10). The Refrigeration Truck was one of only three models to use the A10 type box and it is quite scarce.


The Refrigeration Truck had a long production life. It was often included in the 5-Series Gift Sets and so is quite easy to find in good condition but the first and last issues are scarce and the type 2 trailer base is rare.

Budgie No.202 Refrigeration Truck
Budgie No.202 Refrigeration Truck
Budgie No.202 Refrigeration Truck

Variation 1: Red & blue cab, Flat-top trailer, umw (knobbly tyres), A1 box

Budgie No.202 Refrigeration Truck



(1) RED & BLUE cab/umw                     Flat-top trailer 1/base 1/umw              Knobbly tyres                         A1 box


(2) RED cab/umw                                     Flat-top trailer 1/base 1/umw             Knobbly or treaded tyres    A1 or A2 boxes


(3) RED cab/ red pmw                             Flat-top trailer 1/base 1/umw             Knobbly or treaded tyres     A2 box


(4) RED cab/spw                                      Flat-top trailer 1/base 1/spw                Treaded tyres                          A2 or A8 boxes


(5) RED cab/spw                                      Round-top trailer/base 1/spw               Treaded tyres                           A8 box


(6) RED cab/spw                                      Round-top trailer/base 2/spw               Treaded tyres                           A8 box


(7) RED cab/spw                                      Round-top trailer/base 3/spw                Treaded tyres                          A8 box


(8) RED cab/windows/ ridged spw    Flat-top trailer 2/base 3/ridged spw    Knobbly tyres                          A10 box

Budgie No.202 Refrigeration Truck

Variation 2: Red cab, Flat-top trailer, umw/treaded tyres, A2 box

Budgie No.202 Refrigeration Truck

Variation 3: Red cab/pmw, Flat-top trailer/umw, knobbly tyres, A2 box

Budgie No.202 Refrigeration Truck

Variation 3 with treaded tyres

Budgie No.202 Refrigeration Truck
Budgie No.202 Refrigeration Truck

Variation 6: Red cab/spw, Round-top trailer, treaded tyres, A8 box

Budgie No.202 Refrigeration Truck
Budgie No.202 Refrigeration Truck

Variation 8: Red cab/windows/ridged spw, Flat-top trailer, A10 box

Budgie No.202 Refrigeration Truck Trailers

No.202 Trailers, doors and hinges: Flat-tops (l & r), Round-top (centre)

Budgie No.202 Refrigeration Truck Trailer bases

No.202 base types: 1 (lower), 2 (centre), 3 (upper)

Budgie No.202 Refrigeration Truck boxes

Budgie No.202: print variations on boxes (A1, A2, A8, A10)

Nicholas Martin Diecast

Morestone, Budgie, Benbros Vintage Toys

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Abbreviations used on Nicholas Martin Diecast


  • umw - unpainted metal wheels

  • pmw - painted metal wheels

  • pw    - plastic wheels

  • gpw  - grey plastic wheels

  • spw  - silver plastic wheels

  • bpw  - black plastic wheels

  • um    - unpainted metal

  • id.     - maker's identification


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