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Budgie Toys No.224

Railway Engine

Issued 1959-66   Length 119mm


​When Budgie added the Railway Engine to the range - technically an 0-6-0 Tank Locomotive - it was virtually identical to the model first sold by Morestone (under the Modern Products name) as far back as 1948 so it had already been on sale for eleven years making it their longest running model in continuous production.


The original Morestone Railway Locomotive was either green or red but under the Budgie Toys label it was only red. The little pile of coal at the rear was given a glossy black finish. On the sides were cast 'British Railways' and '7118' which were picked out with silver trim.


The wheels and rods, on an 0-6-0- format, were unpainted metal with axles which went through a solid base unit inserted into the body. This made the Locomotive quite a heavy toy.


The first Morestone models had no identification but later 'Made in England' was added inside the cab on the left side. This Budgie continued but there was no other id. 


The Railway Engine was the first model to be issued in a numbered Morris & Stone box (A2) from the start. It remained on sale until Budgie ceased trading in 1966 but by then was perhaps less popular as it had no box upgrade after 1961 when Guiterman took over ownership of Budgie Toys.


It is quite a common model and mint versions are easy to find.


In 1971, the Railway Engine was re-issued by Modern Products for H Seener Ltd with some casting changes. The side lettering was replaced by flat panels to hold yellow & black transfers or labels and new colours of metallic-brown, black, and dark green were added. For details of the Series 2 Budgie Lococmotives see Budgie 224-2 Railway Engine


Budgie No.224 Railway Engine
Budgie No.224 Railway Engine

Budgie No.224 Railway Engine


​RED engine & base

Cast lettering on sides

'Made in England' in cab


A2 box

Budgie No.224 Railway Engine

Nicholas Martin Diecast
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