Budgie Toys No.226

Foden Heavy Duty Dump Truck

Issued 1959-66     Length 108mm


The Foden Dump Truck was a model which Budgie took over from the Morestone range. First appearing in 1958 as Foden Heavy Duty Dump Truck, it was probably still considered a new toy when Budgie re-issued it a year later. No changes were made to the model at first except for the addition of number plates 'BUD 123' to the front and rear.


The Foden cab and chassis was cast as one unit without a base. The real vehicle had an unusual detached radiator on the front which was well reproduced on this model. The axles for the wheels were set directly into the chassis. The wheels were all the same size but two sizes of tyres were used, large knobbly ones on the twin rear wheels and  a smaller knobbly type on the front, except for the first issue which continued the treaded tyres of the Morestone version on the front.


Coloured bright orange with silver trim on grille and bumper, the Budgie Foden Dump Truck first had orange painted metal wheels and an orange lifting handle attached to the chassis for raising and lowering the Dumper. Later silver plastic wheels were fitted, and later still the handles became silver.


The lifting handles were usually fitted for use on the left side but 'right-handed' ones can sometimes be found. Models without lifting handles are also known but removing them from the open chassis frame is not too difficult, and in addition they are prone to weakness from metal fatigue.


The grey dumper had three different castings during the life of the Foden Dump Truck. The first was the original Morestone version which had smooth inner sides and carried the Morestone name and details ('Morestone Series Foden 9 cu.yd Dump Truck Made in England') on the underside behind the cab. The second dumper was re-cast with stronger ribbed inner sides but still kept the Morestone name and details on the underside.


The third dumper casting had the inner rib strengtheners but now included the correct 'Budgie Model No 226 Foden Dump Truck Made in England' underneath. Colours of the lifting handles with this variation were either orange or silver.


With the last variation of the Foden Dump Truck, Budgie altered the colour of the cab & chassis to red. It was fitted with the type 3 dumper and had a silver lifting handle. 


Foden Dump Trucks were first issued in Morris & Stone boxes without numbers (A1) or shortly afterwards in boxes with small numbers at the base of the end-flaps and in the top centre of the picture faces (A3). The A1 box is scarce. Later when silver plastic wheels and the reinforced dumper were introduced the boxes were reprinted with large end flap numbers and the Guiterman name on the picture faces (A8). 


As it was a standard component of Budgie's Gift Sets, the Foden Dump Truck is widely available but there are several variations to find.

Budgie No.226 Foden Dump Truck
Budgie No.226 Foden Dump Truck

Variation 1: type 1 dumper, pmw, A1 box

Budgie No.226 Foden Dump Truck



1)  ORANGE & GREY    type 1 dumper    'Morestone' id.   ORANGE handle   pmw   A1 or A3 box


2)  ORANGE & GREY   type 2 dumper     'Morestone' id.   ORANGE handle    spw   A3 or A8 box


3)  ORANGE & GREY   type 3 dumper     'Budgie' id.         ORANGE  handle   spw   A8 box


4)  ORANGE & GREY   type 3 dumper     'Budgie' id.         SILVER handle       spw   A8 box


5)  RED & GREY            type 3 dumper    'Budgie' id.          SILVER handle       spw   A8 box

Budgie No.226 Foden Dump Truck

Variation 1: type 1 dumper, pmw with A3 box

Budgie No.226 Foden Dump Truck
Budgie No.226 Foden Dump Truck

Variation 2: type 2 dumper, spw, A8 box

Budgie No.226 Foden Dump Truck
Budgie No.226 Foden Dump Truck

Variation 4: type 3 dumper, silver handle, spw, A8 box

Budgie No.226 Foden Dump Truck

Variation 5: red, type 3 dumper, A8 box

Budgie No.226 Foden Dump Truck dumper variations

Dumpers: left, smooth inner sides (type 1); right, ribbed inner sides (types 2 & 3)

Budgie No.226 Foden Dump Truck
Budgie No.226 Foden Dump Truck

Nicholas Martin Diecast

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Abbreviations used on Nicholas Martin Diecast


  • umw - unpainted metal wheels

  • pmw - painted metal wheels

  • pw    - plastic wheels

  • gpw  - grey plastic wheels

  • spw  - silver plastic wheels

  • bpw  - black plastic wheels

  • um    - unpainted metal

  • id.     - maker's identification


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