Budgie Toys No.242

Euclid Tipper Truck

Issued 1960-66    Length 114mm


Euclid manufactured heavy earth-moving equipment and the Euclid Tipper Truck was a familiar sight during the era of UK Motorway building in the 1960's. Making a model of it with plenty of 'play' value was a natural move and in fact this was the first of three Euclid vehicles made by Budgie and two further models were planned but never reached production.


The real Euclid Tipper Truck was large and Budgie's model was similarly on quite a solid scale. It was centered on a long chassis which included the external front radiator and provided the frame on which the hydraulic rams were fixed which lifted and lowered the dumper. Both the chassis and the dumper were always coloured bright orange.


The red cab was a separate section rivetted onto the chassis. It carried the 'Euclid' name on the front and also on each cab door. On the side of the engine an unpainted metal compressor cylinder was fitted.


Central to the model was the large dumper which was modelled with external ribs and a protective shield above the cab (under which was cast 'Euclid Tipper Truck'). It was connected at the rear to the chassis and in the centre to a twin-ram hydraulic lift. This held the dumper at any chosen height. On the forward sides of the dumper there were 'Euclid' logo decals, one on each side, although sometimes these were missed so Tipper Trucks without decals are found.


The first issue of the Euclid Tipper Truck had orange painted metal wheels but fairly soon these were left unpainted. Because of the double hubs at the rear which had two tyres each, the Tipper did not get fitted with plastic wheels.


Initiallly appearing in a box with small end-flap numbers (A3), the Tipper Truck was eventually upgraded to one of the late 'Budgie Models' boxes (A10) and also appeared in open-sided blue & white window packs (C1). It was often included in Budgie Gift Sets and so is quite a common model.

Budgie No.242 Euclid Tipper Truck
Budgie No.242 Euclid Tipper Truck

Variation 1: painted metal wheels, A3 box

Budgie No.242 Euclid Tipper Truck



1)  RED cab    ORANGE chassis and dumper     um compressor & rams   pmw     A3 box


2)  RED cab    ORANGE chassis and dumper    um compressor & rams   umw     A3/A10 boxes or C1 pack

Budgie No.242 Euclid Tipper Truck
Budgie No.242 Euclid Tipper Truck

Variation 2: unpainted metal wheels, A10 box

Budgie No.242 Euclid Tipper Truck
Budgie No.242 Euclid Tipper truck
Budgie No.242 Euclid Tipper Truck

Variation 2 in C1 window pack

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Abbreviations used on Nicholas Martin Diecast


  • bpw  - black plastic wheels

  • pmw - painted metal wheels

  • pw    - plastic wheels

  • spw  - silver plastic wheels

  • um    - unpainted metal

  • umw - unpainted metal wheels

  • id.     - maker's identification


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