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Budgie Toys No.244

Breakdown Truck

Issued 1961-65    Length 120mm


Budgie's Breakdown Truck was modelled from a Morris vehicle but the real truck was more like the illustration on the box than the model inside. Yet it was a popular model to judge by the number which can still be found today.


The body was one casting and always coloured blue. Budgie decided to brighten it up with several decals and put telephone numbers on the cab doors, a 'Towing' sign on the cab roof, and 'Budgie Service' decals on each side. There was silver trim on the grille, headlights and bumper at the front and also on the cab roof-top spotlight which was always facing backwards towards the jib.


At the rear of the Breakdown Truck, the towing jib was bright yellow with a working handle which adjusted the string and lifting hook. The ratchet system on the handle was quite clever with an axle incorporating a spring which held the cogs of the ratchet wheel firmly together unless the handle was pushed inwards which released the ratchet enabling the handle to be turned. The hook was always unpainted metal.


Also attached to the body was a large toolbox unit, a separate casting and similarly painted bright yellow.


The base of the Breakdown Truck was a simple design with closed front and rear axles to which were fitted the painted metal wheels and onto which the body was held by a rivet. Like the jib, the base was always a bright yellow colour. The lettering on the base rather proudly stated 'Budgie Towing Tender and Breakdown Truck'. 


There were no changes to the Breakdown Truck, no plastic wheels or change of colour. It had three types of box, the first a Morris & Stone issue with small end-flap numbers (A3), the second a 'Budgie Models' box (A5), and finally a box which included the Guiterman name (A10). 


The Morris Breakdown Truck was sometimes included in Budgie Sets and seems to have been popular. It is still widely found.

Budgie No.244 Breakdown Truck
Budgie No.244 Breakdown Truck

Breakdown Truck with Morris & Stone box (A3)

Budgie No.244 Breakdown Truck


BLUE body  Silver trim (grille/headlights/bumper)

YELLOW jib/toolbox/base/pmw   

Unpainted metal winding gear/light/hook 

A3, A5 or A10 box

Budgie No.244 Breakdown Truck
Budgie No.244 Breakdown Truck

Breakdown Truck with Budgie Models box (A5)

Budgie No.244 Breakdown Truck

Breakdown Truck with Guiterman Group box (A10)

Budgie No.244 Breakdown Truck
Budgie No.244 Breakdown Truck

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