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Budgie Toys No.410

Wells Fargo Stage Coach (small)

Issued 1961    Length 118mm


In 1960, Budgie produced some miniature scale models of 'Wild West' covered wagons linked to the TV Series 'Wagon Train' (see Wagon Train Toys). More models were planned and a year later two more were issued, the first being a Wells Fargo Stage Coach (No.410) in the same scale as the covered wagons, and the second another stage coach on a larger scale (No.434). All these items had a short life as the new owners of Budgie Toys, Guiterman & Co, decided to discontinue them by the end of 1961.


The small Wells Fargo Stage Coach No.410 was a one-piece casting with the exception of the roof insert. There was some detail on the sides but no Wells Fargo name as had appeared on the larger version. Underneath, the lettering 'Wells Fargo Stage Coach A Budgie Toy' was cast and beneath the driver's seat a small 'Made in England'. There was no number.


The first issue was painted mid-blue with unpainted metal wheels and shaft. The frisky-looking horses, two white and two dark brown, were made of plastic and the tiny driver (easily lost!) was white, brown or blue plastic similar in scale to the figures on the Wagon Train models.


Later a gold-plated version with black or metallic-charcoal painted metal wheels was issued. This had similar plastic horses and driver.


No.410 Wells Fargo Stage never had a box but instead was sold in a double-width yellow blister-pack which carried the Budgie logo but listed the manufacturer as Morris & Stone (London) Ltd. The model number '410' was printed on the front of the pack.


The small Stage Coach is a rare model and examples still in the original pack are almost unknown and extremely rare.

Budgie No.410 Wells Fargo Stage Coach (small)
Budgie No.410 Wells Fargo Stage Coach (small)

Variation 1: Blue coach, umw

Budgie No.410 Wells Fargo Stage Coach (small)



All had 4 plastic horses (2 white, 2 brown) and a white, brown or blue plastic driver

and were sold in yellow numbered blister-packs


1)  BLUE coach,  unpainted mw & shaft


2)  GOLD-PLATED coach, charcoal pmw & shaft

Budgie No.410 Wells Fargo Stage Coach (small)
Budgie No.410 Wells Fargo Stage Coach (small)

Variation 2: Gold coach, pmw

Budgie No.410 yellow blister-pack (1961 Catalogue illustration)

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