Budgie Toys No.456/P.P.

Mobile Police Patrol

Around 1958, Morris & Stone planned to replace the Morestone Motorcycles with a new casting ready for the launch of the Budgie Toys range. These were to be used for the AA and RAC Motorcycle Patrols and the four Solo Motorcycles. Unlike their coloured predecessors, these new Solo models were to be issued in a bright chrome finish with plastic riders. The first of these was the Mobile Police Patrol.


However, there must have been some old Morestone castings left in the storeroom because the first chrome-plated issue of No.456/PP used the Morestone casting with 'Made in England' on the right-hand side of the seat. The Police Patrol appears to have been the only one of the four Solo Motorcycles to have had this. The first issue blue plastic rider was also different from later versions having a white painted helmet and gloves (both later black) and black boots. The face was pale pink. 


This model (which may have been a pre-production version) was issued in a Morris & Stone old-style Morestone Series box with the addition (in red) of the new Budgie Toys number '456/PP' on the end flaps.


Budgie No.456/PP Police Patrol (Series 1)

Issued 1959-63


The old Morestone casting of the Police Patrol was soon replaced by the Budgie Series 1 model. This was chrome-plated all over with unpainted ,etal wheels and black tyres. 'Made in England' was cast on the left side below the seat. This time the blue plastioc rider had a black helmet and black gloves and boots. The face was painted bright pink. Later the black helmet was dropped in favour of plain, unpainted blue.


Boxes for the Series 1 Police Patrol utilised the Morestone (Morris & Stone) design at first with the number '456/PP' added to the end-flaps. Later, when Guiterman took ownership, the Morestone boxes continued but the end-flaps were changed to read 'Made in England by a member of the Guiterman Group No.456/PP'.


Eventually the Morestone boxes were replaced by bright yellow 'Budgie Models' ones carrying a picture of the Series 1 model with the model number and name on the end-flaps (B1).


Budgie No.456/PP Police Patrol (Series 2)

Issued 1964-66


In 1964 the model was upgraded to a new casting of a Triumph motorcycle. This continued to be chrome plated with unpainted metal wheels and black tyres. The rider remained blue plastic with blue helmet, black gloves and boots.


Boxes for the Series 2 Mobile Police Patrol were the same yellow 'Budgie Models' boxes used for Series 1 (B1), and the illustration continued to show a Series 1 model.

Budgie No.456/PP Mobile Police Patrol (Series 1)

Series 1 variation 1: Morestone m/cycle, white helmet, Morris & Stone box

Budgie No.456/PP Mobile Police Patrol (Series 1)
Budgie No.456/PP Mobile Police Patrol (Series 1)

Series 1 variation 2: Budgie m/cycle, black helmet, Guiterman box

Budgie No.456/PP Mobile Police Patrol



Series 1


1)  Morestone chrome-plated M/cycle, 'Made in England' on right side, umw/black tyres, blue rider with white helmet, white gloves & black boots, Morris & Stone numbered box


2)  Budgie chrome-plated M/cycle, 'Made in England' on left side, umw/black tyres, blue rider with black or blue helmet, Morestone/Guiterman box or Budgie B1 box


BOXES for Series 1 (all had number '456/PP' on end-flaps):

Morestone/Morris & Stone


Budgie Models (B1)


Series 2 


Triumph chrome-plated M/cycle, no id., umw/black tyres

Blue plastic rider with blue helmet

Budgie Models (B1) box

Budgie No.456/PP Mobile Police Patrol (Series 2)
Budgie No.456/PP Mobile Police Patrol (Series 2)

Series 2: Triumph m/cycle, blue helmet, Budgie B1 box

Budgie No.4456/PP Police Patrol box variations

Budgie 456/PP box variations

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Abbreviations used on Nicholas Martin Diecast


  • umw - unpainted metal wheels

  • pmw - painted metal wheels

  • pw    - plastic wheels

  • gpw  - grey plastic wheels

  • spw  - silver plastic wheels

  • bpw  - black plastic wheels

  • um    - unpainted metal

  • id.     - maker's identification


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