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Britains Lilliput Vehicles Series
L/15 Centurion Tank Display Set

Issued 1959-1960    'OO/HO' scale (1:76)


The last Set to include a Lilliput Vehicle was this Army display box containing the Centurion Tank (LV/610) and eight plastic infantry soldiers. The inner section with the models was housed inside an outer sleeve with open ends.


L/15 was promoted in 1959 and showed an upgrade in style and colour which may have been planned for the "Tr'OO'scale" models but it was short lived because by the end of 1960 the entire Lilliput range was withdrawn. 

Nicholas Martin Diecast
Benbros, Morestone & Budgie Vintage Toys
Britains Lilliput Vehicles     Kemlows Sentry Box

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