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Britains Lilliput Vehicle Series
L/11 Railway Display Set

Issued 1956-1960    'OO/HO' scale (1:76)


The L/11 Railway Set was the largest boxed set which Britains issued in the Lilliput range. It contained a wide collection of railway figures, accessories and vehicles, including a few items not otherwise available.

Because of the vehicles in the Set, L/11 has been added to our Lilliput pages but we are not experts on the figures and railway items included in the set.

The vehicles were

LB/536 Civilian Motorcycle

LB/550 Speed Cop Motorcycle

LV/601 Open Sports Car

LV/602 Saloon Car

LV/603 Articulated Lorry (x2)

LV/608 Farm 3-Ton Lorry

LV/609 Austin Champ


Details of the models can be found via the links.

L/11 Railway Set is a rare item in any condition.

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