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Budgie Miniatures

No.20a Plymouth Belvedere Convertible

Budgie Miniatures No.20a Plymouth Belvedere Convertible

The Plymouth Belvedere Convertible holds the honour of being the longest lasting Budgie Miniature which had no changes throughout its life. It first appeared in 1957 as Esso Series No.20 Plymouth Belvedere, the last model in the Petrol Pump range, and then continued in production under Budgie until 1962.


The real car which inspired the model was the 1957 Plymouth Belvedere so when No.20a came out it was very up-to-date. Constructed on a body & base design rivetted together, the body had a full frame for the windscreen whilst the driver, steering wheel and the seats were part of the base section. The chunky-style wheels, used only for this model, were unpainted metal.


The body was a pale pink colour which is known to vary a little from pink to creamy beige but this may be due to fading over the years to which this model is prone. A white version is claimed to exist but this is not certain.


Silver trim was added to the grille, headlights, front and rear bumpers and sometimes the rear logo in the centre of the boot (trunk). The base was red and had 'No.20 Plymouth Belvedere' and 'Made in England' underneath. 


After the Esso Petrol Pump Series ended, No.20a appeared in 'Mobile' and 'Modern' Vehicle Series boxes and was included in Budgie Gift Set No.12. 


Never a particularly successful model, the Plymouth Belvedere Convertible was withdrawn in 1962. It was replaced (in 1968) by No.20b Emergency Vehicle.

Morestone Esso Petrol Pump Series No.20a Plymouth Belvedere

 Plymouth Belvedere in Esso Petrol Pump box with Tanker Coupon

No.20a Plymouth Belvedere


  • PINK body, RED base (including driver & seats), unpainted metal wheels

Budgie Miniatures No.20a Plymouth Belvedere
Budgie Miniatures No.20a Plymouth Belvedere, Mobile box

Plymouth Belvedere showing driver & seats

MOBILE Vehicle Series box

No.20a Plymouth Belvedere Convertible

Boxes & Packs


1957-59   Esso Petrol Pump Series boxes


1957-58   Noddy Garage Set


1961-62   Budgie Gift Sets No.12


1961-62   MOBILE Vehicle Series boxes


1962         MODERN Vehicle Series (type 1) boxes

Budgie Miniatures No.20a Plymouth Belvedere
Budgie Miniatures No.20a Plymouth Belvedere

Plymouth Belvedere showing underside of base and chunky metal wheels

MODERN Vehicle Series (type 1) box

The real 1957 Plymouth Belvedere Convertible

Nicholas Martin Diecast
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