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AA Motorcycle Scout Patrol (Series 1)

Issued 1954-1955    Length 70mm


To match the 1953 model of the RAC Motorcycle Patrol, Morestone brought out the AA (Automobile Association) version the following year using the same motorcycle casting but with a different sidecar and frame.


The motorcycle was cast in one piece without steering. It was always painted shiny black with white number-plates and headlight and with a yellow painted fuel tank. Like all Morestone motorcycles, the number-plate was plain.


Unlike the RAC model, the AA Scout Patrol had a complete chassis on which the sidecar was rivetted. Painted glossy black, the chassis had a front link-arm which connected to the bike below the fuel tank, and on the outer side incorporated the sidecar mudguard. There were two variations of the chassis, one with 'Made in England' cast lengthwise underneath, the other with no identification.


The sidecar was painted bright yellow, the colour of the AA, with the AA logo in black on both sides of the pointed front and at the back. There was no lid to the sidecar but instead a luggage rack, which was a separate casting, set into the top. Two versions of the rack were used, the first with central lugs at each end, the second without.


On most models a hole was included near the back of the sidecar for an unpainted metal aerial but on late examples with unpainted wheels and the second type rack the hole was omitted and overpainted. This was part of a small re-casting of the top of the sidecar to alter the luggage rack and discontinue the aerial.


The three metal wheels were the same size and had straight spokes. They could be either finished in black paint or left unpainted. The Patrolman was the same casting as the RAC version but this time painted in AA olive-green with a matching cap, black boots & gloves, and skin-colour face trim.


One further feature of the Series 1 AA Patrol was the screen, a separate piece which fitted behind the headlight. The lower part was cast with the AA logo in the centre and painted yellow and black. Above this a clear plastic windscreen was fixed giving the AA Patrol an authentic appearance.


Boxes for the AA Patrol were a colourful mix of the AA colours of yellow and black. The AA logo was printed on all sides and on the end-flaps along with the 'Morestone Series' name.


The AA Scout Patrol is not uncommon but finding an intact screen is more difficult, and the aerial is usually missing.

Morestone AA Motorcycle Scout Patrol Series 1
Morestone AA Motorcycle Scout Patrol Series 1

Variation 1: Type 1 sidecar rack with aerial, black pmw, id. on chassis

Morestone AA Motorcycle Scout Patrol - Series 1



Both variations had a

BLACK motorcycle with white trim & YELLOW fuel tank

BLACK/YELLOW screen with clear plastic 'glazing'

YELLOW sidecar with BLACK rails

OLIVE-GREEN metal rider with matching cap, BLACK gloves & boots

Morestone Series AA box


1)  BLACK sidecar chassis (with id.), Type 1 luggage rack, metal aerial,  BLACK pmw


2)  BLACK sidecar chassis (no id.), Type 2 luggage rack, no aerial, UNPAINTED wheels

Morestone Motorcycle Scout Patrol Series 1
Morestone AA Motorcycle Scout Patrol Series 1

Variation 2: Type 2 sidecar rack, no aerial, umw, no id.

Variation 1 (left) type 1 rack & aerial hole

Variation 2 (right) type 2 rack, no aerial hole

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