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Morestone Covered Wagon with Six Horses

Issued 1954-1959    Length 265mm


During the mid-1950's, Morestone sold a variety of Wild West and Cowboy models. The Covered Wagon with Six Horses was the last of this group, and the biggest. Like the other Covered Wagons it was made for Morestone by Modern Products.


Based heavily on the earlier Covered Wagon, this version had a lengthened wagon and canopy, and an extended shaft to accomodate the extra pair of horses. The construction was as previously, a one-piece cast wagon with 'Made in England' across the underside and the rear axle housed in an unpainted support. The canopy, which had unpainted metal supports at each end, had printed on it 'The Wild West Land of Buffalo & Covered Wagon' and illustrations of cowboys chasing a buffalo.


Only one colour scheme was used for the Covered Wagon with Six Horses, a red wagon and bright yellow wheels. The front wheels and shaft were both part of a centrally pivoted frame which meant that the horses and front wheels could turn. The detachable horses were white or brown with black trim on the harnesses, manes, tails and hooves, and three of each colour were included in the set.


The driver was the same casting as on previous wagons but in this set he seems to have always had a green jacket. Next to him was a hole in the floor for the unpainted whip which was a length of wire on a pole. Finally, two barrels were included for slotting into grooves on each side of the wagon. These were most often plain green (the same as the driver), or were sometimes unpainted, or a third and scarce colour of metallic copper which was the closest to making them look like wooden barrels.


The Covered Wagon with Six Horses had a long, colourful box with illustrations on four sides. The end-flaps listed the toy as 'A Modern Product' and emphasised that driver and horses were all detachable.

Morestone Six Horse Covered Wagon
Morestone Six Horse Covered Wagon

Morestone Covered Wagon with Six Horses



RED wagon, YELLOW wheels & shaft, 'Wild West' printed Canopy

Three WHITE & three BROWN horses with trim, wire whip 

GREEN & BLACK driver


'Modern Product' illustrated end-flap box

Morestone Six Horse Covered Wagon
Morestone Six Horse Covered Wagon

photo Bob Hartmaier

Copper-coloured painted barrels

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