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Morestone Aveling-Barford Diesel Road Roller

Issued 1955-1956    Length 117mm


The Aveling-Barford Diesel Road Roller was a solid model and probably designed to be able to actually roll sand and earth effectively. It was one of the heaviest toys to be included in the Morestone range.


The Diesel Road Roller was made by Modern Products and as was often the case with their designs, it was cast in two halves and carried nice detail. On many models 'Aveling-Barford' was cast on each side with 'Made in England' on the right side. Some versions have blank panels and possibly these were the first castings. A separate driver was included dressed in pale blue with skin-colour trim on face and hands.


The Road Roller was painted red without change but it is thought that a yellow variation might have been issued though this has not been authenticated. Yellow was the colour which the real vehicles were painted. The metal rollers were unpainted but given painted green centres. The front one fitted into a holder which, being fixed to the body by a central pivot, was able to turn.


Boxed in a colourful blue & white striped box, the Diesel Road Roller was identified on the end-flaps  as 'A Modern Product'. The box also carried the Aveling-Barford logo of a horse.


The Morestone Diesel Road Roller is hard to find in mint condition and the man is often lost. The box is especially scarce.


In 1983 the Road Roller was re-issued in different colours as Budgie No.701 Aveling Barford Road Roller

Morestone Diesel Road Roller
Morestone Diesel Road Roller

Morestone Aveling-Barford Diesel Road Roller



1) RED without id., um rollers with GREEN centres, PALE-BLUE man, 'Modern Product' box


2)  RED with id.,     um rollers with GREEN centres, PALE-BLUE man, 'Modern Product' box 

Variation 1: no id.

Variation 2: with id.

Morestone Diesel Road Roller

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