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Morestone AA Road Service Land Rover

(large version)

Issued 1955-1957    Length 108mm


Morestone issued a number of AA (Automobile Association) Road Service models and this Land Rover appeared at a time when the AA was beginning to augment the well-known Motorcycle Patrols with other vehicles. It was the first of two Morestone AA Land Rovers based on the real Series 1 vehicles, and was the largest.


Several separate parts were cast for this model but the large lower half formed the main unit. An interesting feature was the inclusion of the bodies of the driver and passenger as part of this lower section without needing a flat underside or base. 'Made in England' was included above the rear axle but there was no other id. The heads of the figures were separate castings.


The roof and windsceen section, which had a central socket for the metal aerial, slotted into the lower unit with lugs at each corner. At the rear there was an opening upper tailgate attached to the roof and a lower tailboard on the body giving good play value. At the front the bumper casting slotted into the body on both sides of the grille.


Both upper and lower sections of the model carried quite a bit of detail. Apart from the grille, headlights and fog light at the front, the AA logo was cast on one wing and a number-plate 'NGF 998' on the other whilst the sides had the AA logo and 'Road Service'.


The painted metal wheels had large rubber tyres which fitted inside the detailed hubs making them unique to this model. A spare tyre was included on the top of the bonnet.


AA vehicles were (and still are) yellow so the Land Rover was painted this colour inside and out with mild variations from rich yellow to a more lemon finish. Black was added to the roof and on some, probably the first issue, black was also added to the front wings as illustrated on the box. Black trim highlighted the side lettering and other raised lines, whilst inside, the heads of the figures had pink face trim with black scarves and caps. Finally, silver trim was put on the lights at the front.


The AA Road Service Land Rover had two similar but different size boxes, the more common one being the smaller version. Coloured black & yellow, they carried the AA logo on all sides and on the end-flaps with illustrations on two faces. 'Morestone Series' was printed alongside each logo.


The large AA Road Service Land Rover is quite scarce and so often secures a premium price. However, examples do seem to have retained their boxes better than many Morestone models.

Morestone AA Road Service Land Rover (large version)

Variation 1: black front wings

Morestone AA Road Service Land Rover

(large version)


All models were 

YELLOW including painted metal wheels (black knobbly tyres)

YELLOW rear tailgate and tailboard

BLACK 'AA' logo etc. on sides & front

BLACK roof with metal aerial

   two YELLOW seated figures with face trim & black caps


Morestone Series yellow & black 'AA' end-flap box




1) BLACK front wings

2) YELLOW front wings

Morestone AA Road Service Land Rover (large version)
Morestone AA Road Service Land Rover (large version

Variation 2: yellow front wings

Morestone AA Road Service Land Rover (large version

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