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Morestone Military Police Land Rover

Issued 1958    Length 79mm


Second of the smaller Morestone Land Rovers was this version in army green of a Military Police vehicle. It shared the basic casting and construction of the first version AA model but drew on elements from both of the AA versions.


The body was cast in one piece and incorporated windows at the rear. On the side panels a central crown symbol was cast with 'M' & 'P' on either side and 'Military Police' cast underneath. All these were picked out in white trim. At the bottom of the left-side door 'Made in England' was cast and on the front the number plate read 'TLN 867', also picked out in white trim. The headlights were given silver trim, as was the single spot light.


The plain base slotted into the front of the body and was rivetted into place at the rear. Inside it included the driver figure. The painted metal wheels were usually assembled prior to painting but this was not always done because models are known without painted axles. The tyres were black treaded and the axles were held within covered supports on the base.


The Military Police Land Rover was unusual among Morestone models in that it shared a box with the third Land Rover, the Breakdown Service Unit. Both models were illustrated on alternate sides with the military model being incorrectly named as 'Military Police Jeep' (Jeeps, of course, being American vehicles). All sides and the end-flaps carried the 'Morestone Series' name with one or both of the end-flaps being stamped with 'Military Police' or printed with 'Military Jeep'.


Although not too hard to find, mint models of the Military Police Land Rover are scarce, as is the correctly stamped box.

Morestone Military Police Land Rover
Morestone Military Police Land Rover

Morestone Military Police Land Rover


ARMY-GREEN body, base & wheels (black treaded tyres), windows at rear

'TLN 867', 'MP Military Police' cast on sides

'Made in England' cast on left door

Morestone Series shared box with end-flap id.

Morestone Military Police Land Rover

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