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Morestone Breakdown Service Unit Land Rover

Issued 1958    Length 79mm


The third of the smaller Land Rovers issued by Morestone shared a similar casting to the Military Police model but with various additions drawn from the second AA version and with different side panels.


Painted bright red, the body casting included rear windows and had 'Made in England' at the bottom of the left side-door which also incorporated door handles and hinges. The front number plate was 'TLN 867'.


The sides of the body were cast with 'RAC & AA Approved Breakdown Service Unit' within a frame and this was all picked out in yellow, as also was the front number plate. The headlights and front spot light were given silver trim.


The base, like the other Land Rovers, was plain and unadorned except for the axle supports. Inside it incorporated the driver figure. The wheels, assembled prior to painting, were metal with black treaded tyres.


The box was shared with the Military Police Land Rover and carried illustrations of both models on alternate sides. All sides and the end-flaps carried 'Morestone Series' with one or both end-flaps usually being over-stamped or printed with 'Breakdown Service'.


Mint examples of the Breakdown Service Land Rover are fairly hard to find and the correct boxes are scarce

Morestone Breakdown Service Land Rover
Morestone Breakdown Service Land Rover

Morestone Breakdown Service Land Rover



RED body, base & wheels (treaded tyres), windows at rear

'TLN 867', 'Breakdown Service' etc cast on side panels, yellow trim

'Made in England' cast on left door

 Morestone Series shared box with end-flap id.

Morestone Breakdown Service Land Rover

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