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Morestone No.3 Foden Milk Delivery Wagon

Issued 1955-1956    Length 138mm


Arguably the most attractive of the four Morestone Fodens was No.3 Milk Delivery Wagon. It was also the most scarce having been issued for only a year or so.


The cab, chassis, cab base and painted metal wheels were all shared with the other Fodens and assembled prior to painting so even the axles are green. 'Made in England' and 'Morestone Series' are cast underneath and the front is enhanced by the application of silver trim on the grille, headlights and front bumper. Chunky black tyres were used on the wheels.


The beige body with six posts and a gold chain was fixed to the chassis by a central rivet which was the only part of the model not to be painted. The result was an elegant model with good play value.


On the shared Foden box, all four models were illustrated, one on each side. On the end-flap it said 'Morestone Series No.3 Milk Delivery Wagon'.


The No.3 Foden is the rarest of the four models and mint examples often fetch a premium price.

Morestone No.3 Foden Milk Delivery Wagon
Morestone No.3 Foden Milk Delivery Truck

Morestone No.3 Foden Milk Delivery Wagon

GREEN cab, chassis, base & wheels, silver trim on front

BEIGE body with gold chain

Morestone Series 'No.3' end-flap box

Morestone No.3 Foden Milk Delivery Wagon

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