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Morestone Police Car

Issued 1955-1959    Length 113mm


One of the features of the Modern Products models was the style of design which made them quite distinct from other models being made at the time. For example they held on to using clip-fit type wheels without axles, first used in 1946, well after other makers had abandoned them.


The Police Car was a characteristic Modern Products model and was based on the Wolseley 6/80 car widely used by police forces throughout the UK during the 1950's.  It was made in two parts, a black painted body and a silver base which included the front bumper. Both the silver bell and grille were separate castings as was the twin loudspeaker unit on the roof. Also on the roof was a detachable wire aerial with a spring-like base which slotted onto a low peg.


On the base 'Wolseley Six-Eighty' and 'Made in England' was cast on each side of a representation of the drive shaft, remembering that the real car was rear-wheel drive. The wheels, which were painted silver, clipped directly onto the base and were fitted with black treaded tyres.


The mainly brown box for the Police Car was rather a sombre one. There were two illustrations on the sides and 'Police Car Tannoy-Radio-Bell' on the end-flaps along with 'A Modern Product'.


In 1960 the Police Car was added to the Budgie range as Budgie No.246 and later had Police signs and decals added. A long time later, in 1983, a final version was created - see Budgie No.246-2


The original Police Car is not hard to track down and even the box, though often worn, turns up at auctions quite often.

Morestone Police Car

Morestone Police Car


BLACK body with silver trim on headlights & rear bumper

SILVER grille, bell and roof loudspeakers

wire aerial

SILVER base, SILVER wheels with black treaded tyres

'Modern Product' illustrated end-flap box

Morestone Police Car
Morestone Police Car

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