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RAC Motorcycle Patrol (Series 2)

Issued 1956-1958    Length 82mm


Morestone replaced both RAC and AA Motorcycle Patrol models in 1956 with updated bikes and newly designed sidecars.


The new and larger Series 2 RAC (Royal Automobile Club) motocycle incorporated steering, re-designed wheels, the inclusion of id. on the motorcycle, and a new method of linking the bike to the sidecar. The motorcycle was painted glossy black as before with silver trim applied to the plain number-plates, headlight and fuel tank. On the right side near the seat 'Made in England' was incorporated in the casting.


Perhaps most noticeable of the improvements was the design of the wheels making them more realistic. They were always unpainted metal with black treaded rubber tyres.


The RAC Patrol also now had a metal cast screen which was white with a square 'windscreen' and the RAC logo at the centre picked out in blue trim. This slotted onto the motorcycle behind the headlight.


The sidecar of the Series 2 RAC Patrol was a much larger design than previously with an opening lid, a separately cast black rack on the top, and an unpainted metal aerial which slotted into a hole on the sidecar lid. On the front was cast the RAC logo which had no trim but was highlighted by having the blue paint wiped off.


A new system for joining the bike and sidecar was used on this model. The black painted mudguard was fixed directly onto the sidecar and the wheel shared an axle with the rear wheel of the motorcycle. Further forward there was a central pin which attached the sidecar directly to the bike without a subframe. 


The dark-blue RAC rider was a new casting with a round helmet (in place of the previous cap) which was painted white along with the gloves. The boots were black.


The box for the second series RAC Patrol was the same design as the first issue but larger to accomodate the bigger model. The RAC logo, along with 'Morestone Series', appeared on all sides of the box and on the end-flaps.


Although not hard to find, the Series 2 RAC Patrol is sometimes prone to metal fatigue and so mint examples are scarce. The rare part is the white screen which is almost always missing.

Morestone RAC Motorcycle Patrol Series 2
Morestone RAC Motorcycle Patrol Series 2

Morestone RAC Motorcycle Patrol - Series 2



BLACK motorcycle with steering, 'Made in England' on right side

WHITE square-shaped screen with 'RAC' in blue trim

BLUE sidecar with separate black rack, um aerial

Unpainted metal wheels with black tyres

DARK-BLUE rider with white helmet & gloves, black boots

Morestone Series RAC box

Morestone RAC Motorcycle Patrol Series 2

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