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Morestone TT Racer Motorcycle

Issued 1956-1957    Length 82mm


Morestone produced four solo motorcycles using the same bike casting as the AA and RAC Patrol models which were issued at much the same time. They had steering, unpainted metal wheels with rubber tyres, 'Made in England' cast on the right side near the seat, and plain number-plates. Each one was painted a different colour, had an individual metal rider and a distinctive box.


The Morestone TT Racer was the only solo bike to retain the glossy black paint of the AA and RAC models. It had silver trim on the number-plates, headlight and fuel tank. The metal rider was the same casting as the patrolmen and other solo riders, this time painted a bright yellow including helmet with brown gloves and thigh-length brown boots.


The four solo motorcycles had similar style boxes with each model having a different colour and an action illustration on the picture faces. The printed end-flaps of all the boxes had 'Manufactured by Morris & Stone (London) Ltd' with the Stoke Newington Church Street address. There were no numbers on the boxes.


The TT Racer box was red with an action illustration on both faces. 'Morestone Series' was printed on each side.


The Morestone TT Racer is a scarce model to find especially in its original box, the black bike is a bit more common but the yellow rider is certainly rare. In 1959 when Morestone evolved into Budgie Toys, the TT Racer was re-issued in a chrome finish as Budgie No.456/TT.

Morestone TT Racer Motorcycle
Morestone TT Racer Motorcycle

Morestone TT Racer

BLACK motorcycle with silver trim, 'Made in England' on right side

UNPAINTED wheels with black tyres

YELLOW metal rider (matching helmet) with brown gloves & thigh boots

Morestone Series Box ('Morris & Stone' without number on end flaps)

Morestone TT Racer Motorcycle
Morestone TT Racer Motorcycle

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