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Benbros Qualitoys

A107 Army Land Rover

photo JK Models

Benbros produced several versions of the Land Rover in the Qualitoys range. The first was an open version (which they called a 'Jeep') in the Army Series (A101), and this was followed by a revised version with a roof, side doors and an opening tail-lift at the rear. This model which was also used for the Post van and the AA Road Service vehicle.


As with all the Land Rover models, the main body of the Army version was a single hollow casting which included the figures of the driver and passenger except for their heads which were added separately. The axles fitted directly underneath the body and at the front a separately cast bumper, which carried an extra light, slotted into two forward extensions.


Adding a roof required several new castings including a different windscreen and the creation of two side doors. Excellent detail of door panels and handles was added to these although decoration was less evident on the rear tail-gate. In the centre of the roof there was a nodule onto which a spring-type aerial fitted. 


On each side panel of other Land Rover models, Benbros cast details such as 'Royal Mail' or 'AA Road Service' but the Army version had plain sides.


Various casting details were included as part of the model like the front number plate 'TML 448' and underneath 'Benbros Qualitoy' and 'Made in England'. The wheels were painted '6-bolt' metal with black tyres and there was an extra spare tyre on the bonnet.


Like other Army models, A107 Land Rover was painted either olive-green or dark army-green, both including the metal wheels. Inside the figures were also green with face trim and black berets. The roof top was black and the front bumper was black or white. A regimental insignia, which was usually red & yellow, was sometimes added to the front nearside wing.


The Land Rover shared a multi-model box with other Army items. On all four sides there were pictures, names and numbers of the models. The red end-flaps carried the Qualitoys emblem and on one end there was a panel for the model details to be added. 


A107 Army Land Rover is a rare model.

photos JK Die-Cast Models

Variation 1: Olive-Green, white bumper, aerial

Benbros Qualitoys A107 Army Land Rover


1)  OLIVE-GREEN             WHITE bumper   BLACK roof   Aerial   Multi-Model box


2)  DARK ARMY-GREEN   BLACK bumper   BLACK roof   Aerial   Multi-Model box 

Benbros Qualitoys Army Land Rover
Benbros Qualitoys Army Land Rover

Variation 2: a playworn model in Dark-Green with black bumper

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