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Benbros Qualitoys

A110 Army Low Loader & Field Gun

There is some uncertainty about No.A110 because complete examples with Field Gun are rare and when they come up for auction the Gun is usually missing. Also, Benbros issued the Low Loader on its own as No.A111 Army Low Loader but collector's lists frequently confuse the two reference numbers or even omit A111 altogether.


A110 Army Low Loader with Field Gun was a 're-cycled' combination using the Low-Loader cab and second type trailer with ribbed floor from the 'civilian' version 221 Articulated Low Loader. The load was the previously issued Field Gun using the second version with small painted metal wheels and rubber tyres. For more details see the Field Gun page.


The whole model was painted a semi-matt army green including the wheels. The cab had silver trim added to the grille, headlights and bumper, and a red/yellow regimental square decal on the nearside door which could be small or large size.


A110 was issued in the multi-model box which Benbros used for most of the military items but interestingly a picure of the model was not included in the illustrations on the outside. On one of the end-flaps a blank panel carried the model id., normally just the number A110.


The Army Low Loader is more common than the small-wheeled Gun but a complete A110 Low Loader & Field Gun set in the correct box is rare. 

Benbros Qualitoys A110 Army Low Loader & Field Gun

Model with large red & yellow decal on cab door (gun has superdetailing trim)

Benbros Qualitoys A110 Army Low Loader & Field Gun


ARMY-GREEN cab & trailer

Red/yellow decal


Painted metal wheels

Multi-model box    

Benbros Qualitoys A110 Army Low Loader with Gun
Benbros Qualitoys Army Low Loader with Gun

Army Low-Loader with Gun showing small red/yellow decal on cab door

Benbros Qualitoys A110 Army Low Loader with Gun

End-flap detail of A110 box showing blank panel with id.reference

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