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Benbros Qualitoys

Roman Chariot

One of the most individual models made by Benbros was the Roman Chariot. It was well made (much better than a similar chariot made by Salco) and had some excellent decoration on the casting. Unlike many Benbros models, the Roman Chariot carried no id. or maker's name so may have originated as a Pure Rubber Products model before the name Benbros was introduced. 


The prime casting combined the chariot and the elegantly curved shaft which had two side pegs for the horses. Under the floor of the chariot there was an enclosed axle holder by which the large, ornamented wheels were fixed using a crimped axle. The whole item was painted a bright metallic gold.


Two hollow-cast horses came with the set, both with head plumes and gold painted harneses. They were coloured either glossy brown or white, the white ones sometimes having black trim on the manes and tails. The reins were usually a stretched yellow elastic band. Models are known with wire reins but it is not known if these were original.


At the rear of the chariot floor was a small hole into which a tab on the back foot of the driver could slot to hold him in place. This was needed because of the tension in his hands from the reins which went around the mouths or necks of the horses. The charioteer was painted gold with red boots and helmet plumes, and there was flesh-coloured trim added to his arms, legs and face.


Although the horses were a little chunky, the Roman Chariot made an impressive model. It was boxed in a lidded box which, like the one for the Covered Wagon, was a plain cream colour apart from the printed red illustration on the top of the lid depicting a chariot in a race. The wording simply stated 'Roman Chariot' and 'Benbros Qualitoy Product'.


Not a common model, the white horses are more frequently found than the brown ones but boxed examples are rare.

Benbros Qualitoys Roman Chariot
Benbros Qualitoys Roman Chariot

Variation 1: Gold chariot, brown horses

Benbros Qualitoys Roman Chariot




1)  GOLD chariot    BROWN horses (gold trim)              GOLD rider (red & pink trim)    lidded box


2)  GOLD chariot    WHITE horses (gold & black trim)    GOLD rider (red & pink trim)    lidded box  

Benbros Qualitoy Roman Chariot
Benbros Qualitoys Roman Chariot

Variation 2: Gold Chariot with white horses 

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