Benbros Qualitoys

Farm Tractor with Log Trailer

The Tractor & Log Trailer was almost entirely a re-cyled combination of two previous toys, the Ferguson Tractor and the Horse-drawn Log Carrier with the neccesary adaptation of a towbar instead of shafts.


As with the earlier Carrier, the front wheels were fitted directly onto an axle unit on a central pivot enabling wide turning ability. All four metal wheels were the same.


To make the Tractor 'new', Benbros painted it in bright orange with black painted wheels. Often no silver trim was added and the type 2 casting was used. Later another orange variation appeared with blue painted wheels which sometimes had silver-painted centres. This version also had silver trim on some engine parts and occaisionally on the grille.


The trailer was painted either yellow with red wheels like the horse-drawn model or with reverse colours, red wagon and yellow wheels. The red trailer seems to have been the more common choice. On the trailer there was a real log held on by elastic bands although on later wagons the load was changed to lengths of bamboo.


The Tractor & Log Trailer was first sold in a cream paper-covered lidded box with model details, 'Benbros Qualitoy', and a line illustration printed on the lid in dark red.


Later Benbros designed a 'Farm Equipment' box for all the models in the group and gave it colourful illustrations on all four sides. Interestingly, both the earlier Horse-drawn models were included in the pictures (Hay Cart & Log Carrier) so probably Benbros included these in the Farm Equipment group too. 'Benbros Farm Equipment' and 'Qualitoy Farm Equipment' were printed on opposite sides of the boxes. The end-flaps were yellow with 'Benbros Qualitoy' and 'Made in England' added and a panel was left blank at one end for the model name to be written or stamped when the model was packed. 


The Tractor & Log Carrier is scarce and examples are frequently playworn. The boxes are hard to find.

Benbros Qualitoys Tractor with Log Trailer

Variation 1: Orange/black tractor, green driver, red/yellow trailer, end-flap box

Benbros Qualitoys Tractor with Log Trailer




1)  ORANGE tractor    BLACK pmw    GREEN driver    RED trailer           YELLOW pmw     LOG


2)  ORANGE tractor    BLACK pmw    GREEN driver    YELLOW trailer    RED pmw            LOG


3)  ORANGE tractor    BLUE pmw       BLUE driver       RED trailer           YELLOW pmw     LOG  

Variation 3: Orange/blue tractor, blue driver, red/yellow cart, bamboo load

Benbros Qualitoys Tractor with Log Trailer
Benbros Qualitoys Tractor with Log Trailer

Nicholas Martin Diecast

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Abbreviations used on Nicholas Martin Diecast


  • umw - unpainted metal wheels

  • pmw - painted metal wheels

  • pw    - plastic wheels

  • gpw  - grey plastic wheels

  • spw  - silver plastic wheels

  • bpw  - black plastic wheels

  • um    - unpainted metal

  • id.     - maker's identification


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