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Benbros Qualitoys

Farm Tractor and Disc Harrow

For the Tractor and Disc Harrow Benbros used the type 2 model of the Ferguson tractor and teamed it with a re-casting of the former Timpo Horse-drawn Harrow. The shafts were remodelled but otherwise it was much the same, even retaining the inner tabs for the horse-drawn version. There was no identification on the tractor and just 'Made in England' underneath the harrow.


The Ferguson Tractor used for this set was the orange variation with either black painted metal wheels and a green driver, or blue painted wheels and a blue driver. The red harrow usually had a darker blue driver.


An accurate design was used for the disc harrow. Each disc was a separate casting and they were assembled onto the axle in the way that real harrows were constructed. There were two different castings of the discs, the second ones having wider centres which meant that early harrows had nine discs but later ones only had eight.


The frame and towbar adaptation still included the seat for the driver of the horse-drawn harrow although there was no longer a figure needed. For the harrow with nine discs the frame was painted yellow, and for the eight disc variation it was either yellow or red.


The Tractor and Disc Harrow shared the same 'Farm Equipment' box with other Tractor issues with illustrations (mainly of horse-drawn items) on all four sides. The yellow end-flaps had 'Benbros Farm Equipment' on them and one flap had a blank panel for the model name 'Farm Tractor & Harrow' to be stamped.


The Disc Harrow is quite hard to track down and the box is quite rare.

Benbros Qualitoys Tractor & Disc Harrow
Benbros Qualitoy Tractor & Disc Harrow

Variation 2: 8-disc yellow harrow, orange/black tractor

Benbros Qualitoy Tractor and Disc Harrow



1) YELLOW harrow    9  unpainted discs   ORANGE tractor   BLACK pmw   GREEN driver


2) YELLOW harrow    8 unpainted discs    ORANGE tractor   BLACK pmw   GREEN driver


3) RED harrow            8 unpainted discs    ORANGE tractor   BLUE pmw      BLUE driver


4) YELLOW harrow    8 unpainted discs    ORANGE tractor    BLUE pmw      BLUE driver

Benbros Qualitoys Tractor & Disc Harrow
Benbros Qualitoys Tractor & Disc Harrow

Variation 2: yellow harrow (8 discs), orange tractor, black pmw, green driver

Benbros Qualitoys Tractor and Disc Harrow
Benbros Qualitoys Tractor and Disc Harrow

Variation 3: red harrow (8 discs), orange tractor, blue pmw, blue driver

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